The World From An Autistic Viewpoint

Doctor Knowall

there was once on a time a poor peasant crab who drove two oxen load of wood down and sold it to a doctor

when the money was being counted out to him so happened doctor table when the peasant saw how daintily hate and frank park desired what he said and he willingly been a doctor so he remained standing and that length inquired if he who could not be

oh yes that the doctor that is soon whilst i do asks at peasant in the first place buy yourself an abc book find which has a book

in the second burn your cart and your two oxen honey get yourself some and whatsoever else medicine thirdly have a sign painted the words i am dr noel and have that nailed up above your house or the peasant did everything that he had been told to do when he had doctored but not long a rich great lord had some money stolen then he was told about dr noel lived in such and such a village must know what had become of the money so the lord had the horses in his carriage drove out to the last crab the doctor known yes

then he was to go with him and bring back the stolen man oh yes but greth my wife must go too the lord was willing that both of them have seen marriage they all drove away together when they came to the nobleman’s castle table was spread crap was told to sit down and

yes but my wife greth who said he and he seated himself with her at the table and when the first servant came fish of delicate fair the peasant nudged he greth that was the first meaning that was the servant first dish

the servant however thought he intended by that to say that is the thief and it has he actually was so he was terrified said to his comrade outside the doctor knows all we shall fare badly he said i was the first the second did not want to go in at all but was obliged to so when he went in a peasant nudged his wife said greth that is the second this servant so frightened that he got out with the third it did not fare any better but the peasant said again breath that is the third the fourth had to carry in a covered dish in it were crabs

the lord told the doctor he must show his skill by guessing what was under the cover the doctor looked at the dish had no idea what was in it and cried out alas poor crab

when the lord heard that he cried there he knows who has the money at this the servants were terribly anxious they winked at the doctor to come out to them when he went out they all four confessed that they had stolen the money and that they were willing to restore it they led him where it was hidden thus the lord got back his wealth dr noel received a large reward and became a famous