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Has Youtube Lost Its Way

hello and welcome to episode number one in this new series scuttlebutt, which for the uninitiated is naval slang for gossip and chat around a water cooler which is what they call the water cooler in the navy, the scuttlebutt. Anyway, YouTube big bugbear of mine especially recently they seem to be driving creators off the channel. I don’t know if they’re trying to run it down or what but there’s definitely something going weird with YouTube.

Let’s start with advertising. YouTube used to do adverts at the beginning or the end or both and sometimes in the middle of longer videos but just recently i’ve been noticing especially on older videos YouTube are throwing up adverts and it’s the same they’re not changing it’s the same adverts they’ve been throwing up every three minutes it’s destroying the content on YouTube

it’s just this is why in the uk we have regulations about advertising on television but YouTube seems to be

just after advertising revenue yes I can understand you need advertising to fund the channel I understand that I’m all in favour of advertising but do it more like a commercial station in the uk where you limit it to like 12 minutes an hour of adverts

give content creators that create longer streams the ability to schedule adverts so when you upload for instance your content you automatically say well we’re going to need a minute and a half of adverts in this somewhere and it gives the content creator the ability to insert adverts at a clean break a lot of the advertising that i’ve been seeing on YouTube recently has just been literally every three minutes in the middle of a sentence whereas if it was content creator controlled they had to put adverts on otherwise it wouldn’t get published and you’ve got to put the adverts on somewhere then at least the content creator can make it as part of the actual content and it’s not going to break the content

and limit the amount of adverts I mean literally 20 minutes of adverts an hour I got yesterday for most of the day some content creators have disabled the new advertising algorithm and they just allow adverts at the beginning and at the end don’t moan YouTube that people skip your advert if you put a skip add button on if you need advertising revenue get rid of the skip adverts button and just put your obligatory adverts at the beginning of the content so it doesn’t break the content up and please don’t let adverts run for more than a couple of minutes some adverts have been seen recently over 45 minutes long one was over four hours long for an advert it’s just not on I’m sorry my cat

young caspie I mean four hours for an advert if it’s something you need certain people to see put on a YouTube channel four hours is far too long for an advert the longest an ad should be is say two minutes and then it will take over entire break if you need more advertising than that YouTube you’re doing something wrong with your modelling

the other big round i’ve got is what YouTube are doing to content creators excuse me let’s just

I must put the child down what YouTube are doing to content creators giving them strikes for inappropriate content from what i’ve seen and David Wood um acts 17 apologetics is typical of this but not alone in this he’s getting strikes because I believe because YouTube don’t fully explain themselves he’s getting strikes because Muslims are be coming offended or are marking his videos as offensive because he’s talking about the Quran and how ridiculous the Quran is I will be doing my own video on the Quran shortly now i’ve got all mean scheduling stuff set up it’s so easy but

YouTube can’t have it both ways they claim to the us government they’re not a publisher they’re a platform so they can’t be sued for content and yet if they are a platform, they’re censoring content as though they were a publisher

you need to decide YouTube are you a publisher or are you a platform you cannot be both if you’re a platform take down all these strikes remove them you shouldn’t be censoring on a platform if there are things wrong if people are offensive there are formal channels outside of YouTube, they can go through

YouTube should not be taking down channels should not be striking channels and should not be censoring content if they are truly just a platform that’s why YouTube and other so-called platforms

do not get sued for the content that they broadcast I was going to say publish but that would confuse things so if you are a publisher make it clear and then stop getting exemptions from the content that you’re publishing if you’re not a publisher you should not be censoring any content if it’s offensive there’s laws against that legal action will be pursuant by those

but just because a few people of a certain religion find certain content offensive

you should not be striking content creators at all unless it’s copyright breach copyright you need to that’s not censoring it’s not infringing any rights it’s not infringing civil liberties and it’s not infringing the constitution

which censoring content does do all those things so that’s adverts and censorship deal with

other than that YouTube is a pretty good platform I’m just getting a bit I am looking at moving to other platforms because I’m fed up with the way that YouTube are behaving towards content creation and advertising and seriously YouTube has lost its way and unless YouTube make drastic changes, I would recommend people start looking for other platforms to go on

seriously I mean YouTube has a virtual monopoly but it isn’t the only service provider out there I would gladly pay to upload my channel to another service if that service was literally just a publication service and it had no censorship whatsoever the advertising I was considering on YouTube going to YouTube premium recently until they started throwing all these ads out yeah because it just comes across as though well if you throw enough ads then people go over to YouTube premium it’s like the moral tale about the sun and the wind you can’t force people to go on to premium you can force people off your channel off your service but you can’t force them to go to premium by bombarding them with adverts anyway I’m repeating myself now so thank you for watching this first episode I hope you’ve enjoyed it please like share and subscribe and I hope to see you again very soon