Episode 2 is about the new law brought in this week in Texas, preventing abortions after 6 weeks and empowering individuals to get a $10000 reward for reporting offenders.

hello and welcome back to episode two this one is about the new Texas state anti-abortion law that has recently been introduced

it’s shocking on several fronts one primarily because the constitution of America is supposed to keep church and state separate and yet by their own admission this was because of Christian beliefs this law was brought in and that’s the wrong reason to bring a law in unless there is proof of what the religion says it should be treated as a work of fiction

it shouldn’t be used as the basis for legislation I’m more than welcome to let people believe whatever they want the soup dragon the spaghetti monster anything

but without evidence it is wrong to restrict people’s rights based on a possible work of fiction otherwise we’ll be basing legislation on 1984, Jurassic Park all sorts of books of fiction and it’s wrong it shouldn’t be done like that

it’s up to the woman in my opinion to deal with her pregnancy her way

whether she bases her decision on religion or personal grounds it’s not for us to decide it is the woman that’s got to do the majority of the work in the first nine months and the majority of the work after the first nine months as well so it’s up to her to decide we all have bad days we all make mistakes even the most careful person can become pregnant and I mean there is no 100 percent fool proof method apart from abstention of not becoming pregnant and we should help the women to come to terms with their decision we shouldn’t put barriers up to make women’s life more hell

it’s wrong for states or governments to legislate about basically the removal of a parasite because without modern technology most unborn babies would die even up to just before birth I mean like a couple of weeks before birth most babies would be unviable without modern technology and modern medication so up until that point they should be classed as a parasite and it’s up to the mother to decide what to do with the parasite whether she feels strong enough to have the parasite born or whether she isn’t and she needs help yes I do think there should be a date a cut-off on when you can have an abortion

but I don’t think it should be six weeks I think the woman needs a bit more time than that to come to terms with it can take some women almost eight weeks before they realise they’re pregnant some women never realize they’re pregnant until they give birth granted that is few but it’s wrong for the state to do this and thankfully President Biden he’s doing something about it I’ve not agreed with a lot of what he’s done over the last few weeks but this I fully support the president on he’s taking legal advice and seeking action against the state of Texas for passing this law because we all believe it’s unconstitutional even Texas themselves so it is unconstitutional and yet they’ve passed law knowing it’s going to be against the constitution they’ve put workarounds in to try and get around the constitution that’s not exactly American the world is supposed to be looking up to America as a moral lead supposed to be and yet over the last few years

there has been no moral lead in America

I think it’s about time that America woke up and realized that they are the role model to many countries of what life should be like and

forcing women to do things sounds very much Taliban-ish to me

I wonder why Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan is it he doesn’t disagree with the way the Taliban will run the country because that’s what he’s doing to America I hope not Mr Biden I really do anyway I’m going to keep this short thank you for watching I shall love you and leave you and see you again soon