Scuttlebutt – The LBWF Housing Forum Reveiw

hello and thank you for coming back to another skull belt

two days ago

i attended an online housing forum run by at the London borough of Waltham forest

to say it was a farce would be understating how bad farces are there was no communication between residents inter messaging was not allowed chat was disabled on a few occasions i think they were trying to disable chat just for me but they couldn’t work out how to do it um there was no cameras on so you couldn’t see who was in the room the hosts didn’t introduce themselves there was a cursory introduction by Louise Mitchell none of my messages got responded to apart from when i kept repeating and repeating and repeating and on occasions i had to actually ask other people if they could see my messages

and i know they’ve been turned off occasionally and they don’t like me Waltham forest council because i know what my rights are so to say that the forum

wasn’t really a forum it was just a talking shop with the council on the housing ombudsman telling people what they are going to do not what they haven’t done or responding to any decent questions i know people were putting stuff in the chat that was personal i wasn’t putting stuff in the chat that was personal i was putting stuff in the chat that I’d experienced over the last three years but they don’t like that they keep putting me under a single point of contact

unlawfully i hasten to keep adding

i recorded the whole thing as well because Rumana did say that it was a public record so I’m going to have a look for my recording later and see if it’s clear enough because this is the first time I’ve tried recording it I’m going to see if it’s clear enough and i’ll put it up on YouTube because it is a public recording I’m still waiting for the email from Rumana or whoever’s organizing it no one from the council introduced themselves no one in the council had their name and job title up and apparently no housing officers appeared either despite the fact that the Eventbrite um advert and I’ve emailed Eventbrite for the um

ideal circumstances let’s put it that way but what should happen when people were hosting meetings

the Eventbrite advert actually said meet your housing officer if you’ve got a discussion for your housing officer then we’ll have breakout rooms afterwards i can always get a copy of it off Eventbrite if they’ve taken it down

the council do seem to be treating us like fools and most of us are not fools

I’m mainly addressing this now to residents in my community we have been mistreated abused and ignored for far too long now and it’s about time we all stood up and said no further we have right which Waltham forest council are stepping over disabled people myself included have rights which Waltham forest’s council are ignoring they even boast the fact that they only deal with physically disabled people on their website i have a screenshot of that if they want to take it down i still have a screenshot and it’s been up there for years have a search for Waltham forest and assisted collection and you will get to the assisted collection bin service page and on there it says this service is available for anyone that is physically unable to move their bins to the edge of the property physically unable they are discriminating against the mentally handicapped

mentally handicapped generally aren’t physically disabled they’re mentally disabled hence the protected characteristic under the 2010 equality act look up the 2010 equality act in section 149 even waltham forest quote section 149 because it’s the public sector duty of care and they’re supposed to reduce the amount of discrimination against people with protected characteristics assist in communicating with them and stamp out generally any discrimination whatsoever on any grounds there’s like 10 protected characteristics mentally disabled is only one physically disabled is another i can’t remember what all the other ones are but there’s an awful lot of characteristics oh um gender

sexual orientation and two others but i think there’s ten

at least it looked like it was ten when i read the act a couple of weeks ago i just can’t remember because i haven’t got you know that good a memory

but yes people of wolf and forest we must all join together you can find me on YouTube and Facebook and my website

YouTube is over there you can get me all over the place we need to join together to get something done residents associations are all well and good but if you haven’t got one or the last one was badly organized by a drug user and his friend

you just have to take it into your own hands and form a coalition of resonance we don’t have to tell the council about it we can just act as a group

so do let me know we need to sort this out because I’m fed up of disabled people being discriminated against in this borough and you know i am not unsadly i found that from the forum i am not the only one in this borough that is getting this treatment for instance I’ve been waiting six months for a tap to be repaired no explanation I’ve been waiting six months for an overpayment and compensation from May from the housing ombudsman be repaid and only this morning after the third um complaint i put in via is over everyone use resolver to log your complaints and questions because the council will not ignore you then I’ve logged my complaints by email and they’re treated as business as usual but when they come in through is over they get logged as a complaint so everyone i can’t emphasize this enough ignore the council’s portal resolver does everything for you it keeps track of the times as soon as they’ve had their 10 days it emails you and tells you do you want to escalate it and you just click yes and it comes up with i think it comes up with why do you want to escalate this blah blah blah and it just goes off to stage two you don’t have to ask them to send the stage to it goes to stage two I’ll put a link to his over down in the description and i think I’ve also put it up on my local community webpage as well but usually is over for all your correspondence questions complaints everything freedom information do it through resolver because if they put you under a single point of contact and don’t tell you like they’ve done with me then they have to still deal with your complaints in question

anyway I’m not going to carry on too long thank you for listening thank you for watching i do hope my local community gets involved in this this is translated into about 40 languages so hopefully i shall be in communication with my local community soon thank you for watching