The Petrol Crisis in the Uk has become another toilet-paper-gate! How ridiculous.

hello episode 3 the petrol crisis we should call it fuel because there’s all sorts of fuels now diesel e10 e5 petrol even four star used to be available I think it’s been taken off the market finally

but petrol specifically that’s what everyone’s focusing on lately

I don’t know does this ring a bell to anyone I mean sky news they’re doing a special oh in a moment apparently is it 9 or 9 30 they’re doing a special about all this fuel crisis

they’re making it sound like the winter of discontent in 1978. it’s funny really when you think about it because it’s exactly what labour we’re doing except it isn’t this isn’t the unions this is caused by greedy self-centred individuals that are panicked by a bit like they did last year with the toilet rolls I bet it’s the same people that got a house full of toilet rolls that they can’t get rid of and they decided to stock up we’ve actually seen footage of people using water bottles to put petrol in well one what the hell are the people managing the four courts doing because they’re not supposed to sell petrol to anyone using anything other than an official jerry can because plastic water bottles will be dissolved by petrol that’s why you have to use special things and isn’t it about time that individual companies put their foot down and said right no more than 15 pounds per car

or per card it should be not per car per card so the individuals can’t take more than they need I mean it’s almost to the point now we have to go on a permanent ration because there’s selfish people out there that want to do what they want to do and they won’t be told we had the same last year when we went into several lockdowns people would ignore it cyclists I’m looking at you especially but not just cyclists I’m allowed to exercise for an hour yet an hour within a mile of your home you know what bloody law said I really don’t care about these people anymore no one cares about me no one cares about each other

each for themselves is the rule since Mrs thatcher came to power in 1979 that’s what everyone’s grown up with and that’s what all these selfish

petrol hogs and toilet roll hogs are doing they’re not caring about each other they’re caring about themselves they’re even getting into fights over petrol you’re pathetic

last time we had a petrol shortage thankfully my car was again in the garage my then car before I started buying decent cars I was buying cheap cars and they were breaking down all the time and mine was in the garage and I had no worries about queuing up petrol because mine was in the carriage when it came out the garage the petrol crisis was over thankfully this time around I haven’t got a car and apart from which wolf and forest council have locked me in my room for 16 months

stupid people

stop panic buying you’re making things worse buy what you need when you need it there’s enough petrol in this country for everyone even if we had 10 000 more lorry drivers still wouldn’t help with people panic buying they won’t be happy until we’ve got 10 000 extra lorries on the road not doing anything just driving around to stop people panicking because the current level of lorry drivers would be sufficient if it wasn’t people starting to think oh well we’re going to have a shortage because the road hauliers association apparently hinted that there may be not enough drivers well someone got it into their head that this meant oh we haven’t got enough drivers we couldn’t run out of petrol and the word rent around facebook faster than a fucking whore’s drawers was coming down

anyway that’s my little rant for now thank you for watching I shall speak to you again shortly I promise you