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7 Jun 2020

hello good afternoon it’s now the 7th of june at 5 30 in the afternoon 2020

it’s been a few days oh probably it’s been a few days since my last update um the council came and collected rubbish on monday at nine as they agreed but then i had no contact with the council all week despite duncan angus promising that i would have some communication a letter or something and a meeting was supposed to be planned for last thursday or the thursday before the rubbish was collected

had nothing and no one can explain it


the only voice contact over anyone was from mary for instance i called her for three minutes today just to hear another human because i’m going slowly at my mind

i’ve got a bar full of rubbish again i’ve had offers of help again but the trouble is offering to help isn’t resolving the problem because i don’t know if it’s going to be a regular thing i’m basically imprisoned here i’ll keep saying this and no one listens i am imprisoned by waltham forest council for their lack of action against my neighbours for basically abusing me and abusing the regulations and they sit on their ass and do nothing i am fed up

i really don’t know who to turn to because no one seems to be doing anything

spoke to cap oh a message when i say speak i don’t actually speak with many people he actually refers to even though i don’t describe his speaking he refers to messaging because that’s all my communication is lately messaging and hearing the word later i [ _ ] hate the word later it is totally meaningless to me later is what five minutes two hours the next day next year in the next life later means [ _ ] all to me sorry for the language but i’m [ _ ] pissed off with it all we’ll call you later we’ll contact you later we’ll message you later means [ _ ] all if you have an intention of doing something at an alternate time you tell someone what time you’re gonna do it later should be banned it should be tomorrow this afternoon wednesday on your birthday never later is a [ _ ] meaningless word that has no significance for anyone and generally i find it is used by people that don’t [ _ ] want to talk to you oh i’ll call you later yeah the only people that use the word later and it is actually significant is when they say i’ll meet you down the old vic later

or the queen vic later in eastenders oh i’m so angry

i had an email from i was gonna look at my phone but i’m recording this on my phone i had an email from snt sue asking if i was still having problems with my neighbors she’s tried calling me but because my phone blocks private numbers i’m sick of explaining to everyone why the [ _ ] i block private numbers i’m not the one trying to hide my identity when they’re contacting me i shouldn’t have to explain it should be everyone else if you’re hiding your identity you have to explain why you’re hiding your identity i’m [ _ ] i am so [ _ ] angry people just hide their number and get away with it public bodies for [ _ ] sake their public bodies why have they got private numbers no one in eight years has explained that one to me apart from the [ _ ] obvious oh it’s the phone system i [ _ ] knew it was the phone system why have you set your phone system up like that you’re a public body full of public servants

explain yourselves council government departments you know hospitals etc etc why are all these people private numbers well because it’s possible we can hide our number explain yourselves why are you hiding your number even the police i would go as far as the police because i was thinking about this earlier and people that don’t answer the number

are the people the police need to talk to

and so they’re not going to pick the number up whether it’s private or not if it comes up saying police they’re still not gonna answer you so come on let all public bodies including the police ambulance fire brigade council departments local authorities gp’s etc etc d privatize your [ _ ] numbers because i’m [ _ ] sick of it i’m [ __ ] sick of explaining myself to you people i am not the one hiding my number

let’s put it this way to me i’ve explained this time and time again but to me hiding your number is like knocking on my door wearing a mask i wouldn’t [ __ ] answer the door if you came wearing a mask so why should i answer the phone if you hide your number

yes i’m [ _ ] angry because i’ve had years of this and no one’s [ _ ] listened john crudus ignored ian duncan smith ignored barkland dagman council ignored wolfson forest council ignored ofcom not quite ignored but they say it’s up to the person running the ball that’s because the government when they put these ombudsmens in back in the 80s and 90s when they set up the ombudsman’s they didn’t give them any power so ofcon um the local government ombudsman or the local government and social care ombudsman as it is now etc etc they can make recommendations they can find in your favor but no action will be taken for any public body where the recommendation has gone against them and they don’t uphold it there’s no power you have to find a solicitor and take them to call and then you’re hoping that you win and you’re hoping some penalties get done shouldn’t have to be that way the law is all wrong i am fed up of trying to get things done i’ve got rubbish in my bathroom because waltham forest council are a bunch of time-wasting [ __ ] and they won’t call me on a non-private number so nothing gets done and i have to put myself for anxiety and panic attacks just to get anything done around here

why are councils and local government and national government allowed to hide their number someone answer the [ _ ] question i’m sick of having no contact with anyone because they call on private numbers what the [ _ ] do you people think you are you’re not special you’re public [ __ ] servants

have a look at what the title says public servant you’re here to serve the public not to hide your [ _ ] identity i am sick and tired of explaining this week after [ _ ] week

i really don’t know i’m going out my [ _ ] head because no one’s [ _ ] listening i’ve had to put dunk at angers on a block because he lied to me and he broke my trust he told me last week in fact friday last week that they were coming on monday to pick the rubbish up and i would be receiving a letter and a meeting

and he would send me a confirmation text i didn’t get a text they did turn up they moaned about picking my rubbish up i could hear him without my camera i could hear the [ __ ] outside my door moaning about the amount of rubbish

i’ll try and put an inset picture into what’s in my bathroom currently after six days this isn’t even a full week in fact that’s only five days because that was taken on saturday morning it’s now sunday afternoon

so i might put this one up as a supplement to my normal diary because it’s not really consistent with everything else and it’s about time you [ __ ] actually saw the misery that you put me through

and why i want some [ __ ] answers why do you have private numbers why don’t you de-privatise your number is more exactly the point you’re a public body why don’t you have a public number answer the question eason martin eason you haven’t replied to me at all in 13 weeks

my counselors haven’t replied to me haven’t contacted me in 13 weeks you all have to explain yourselves

karen bellamy is the only one that’s actually taken an interest and even she’s fed up of it now

and i’m fed up of all you people that sit on your ass and don’t do [ __ ] all and pretend to contact me yes pretend to contact me by ticking the box saying you’ve called and you couldn’t get through that is not good enough

ticking a box can’t get through is not good enough in my day when i was trained in civil service public um support if you can’t get through on the phone you send them an email you write them a letter you knock on the [ __ ] door

no the only ones that do that are the local police

the council can’t be bothered okay they’ve got the excuse of kovic 19 but this has been going on for two [ _ ] years kovitz 19 has only been going on for three months i’m [ _ ] sick of everyone finding an excuse not to support me i want to get out of my flat sometime i shouldn’t have to be unlawfully imprisoned by a local authority yes i’m [ _ ] angry because all you [ _ ] are saying on your ass and you’re not doing anything move yourselves if you say you’re gonna contact me if you say you’re gonna send me a confirmation do it don’t leave it to next week and apologize after six days

i’m [ _ ] sick of this now this is pathetic all i want is for the council to enforce the bloody tenancy agreement is that too much to [ _ ] ask my health is rapidly deteriorating physically and mentally

and no one will answer my questions

i emailed wolf and forrest direct a few days ago about reporting a neighbor for a dog that she shouldn’t have and now you wanted an address so we replied back to him saying so how do i get undress of someone that lives in a secure block of flats and they did not respond sorry not good enough if you have a policy saying you need an address a full address an exact address you have to be able to explain how you’re supposed to get an address for someone that lives in a secure block of flats and when i say secure i mean you can’t just walk in and follow them

one you’re putting yourself a threat and two you need a fob or a code to get into the block so honestly basically you have no right of recalls because you can’t report anyone because you can’t ever know their address so everyone on [ _ ] estates gets away with anything they want because the council don’t want to support you because they have a policy that prevents you from reporting anything work that one out ian duncan smith explain that one to me come on martin eason explain it to me son i’m fed up of you people making policies so you can sit on your ass and do nothing about [ _ ] time you did something for me for a change the last time i’d repair come down here two years ago was underneath the bath there was a leak and number five kept complaining

and the first thing this bloke does is he starts stripping the box trunk in behind the toilet it’s under the [ __ ] bathroom knob why are you stripping the drunken

and i’ve still got broken trunk in two this day because no one fullers up my complaints are not being processed my emails are not being actioned my counselors are ignoring me i’m getting nothing via email from ian duncan smith i have to ring him up

no one calls me i’ve been waiting four weeks for my gp to call me back four [ __ ] weeks and that’s my doctor

and now every [ _ ] day i’ll get screaming kids out the back shouting and screaming because their parents are too [ _ ] lazy to take them over the park

i haven’t got a problem with kids playing but outside my flat is not a playground

there are playgrounds open there are parks open go to a park that’s what they’re there for and all these people moved in after i moved in it was nice until these people moved in

the council still haven’t done anything about the fire escape there’s still stuff down there the fire doors are still faulty what more do i have to do i have literally contacted everyone that shelter said i should have before shelter even told me

i am sick of this i’m going to put this one out tonight it’s going to be out of sequence because all the other videos are on schedules but it’s going to be out of sequence because i think this one is more important because someone needs to do something

i don’t know if you can hear it but there’s screaming kids out there now

i should not have to go through this dress

anyway i don’t i don’t even know when i started was it half five it’s twenty ten to six now

i can’t sleep

i’m eating junk

i’m gradually going out in mine

and come the revolution in two or three weeks time especially after the last couple of weekends we’re gonna start hitting big numbers on the coronavirus again they think it’s all over it’s under 150 on average but it’s gonna be up to four or five six hundred again by the end of the month then we’ll be back in like that and then it will go up even more because people aren’t going to expect like that not second time around they barely respected it first time around so they’ll see will come out of lockdown and then they’ll be well if we were okay yesterday why aren’t we okay today

people are idiots we all know that a lot of people are idiots so why is it the government just don’t want to tell people they advise people advice isn’t good enough you have to enforce it and you have to be seen to be enforcing it i’ve yet to see anyone on this estate apart from immediately after the police were given the powers 11 o’clock that very same night there was a car pulled up with a number plate that came from manchester or something they’ve literally pulled up outside my flat could hear what the police were saying and ever since then i had an explanation of you know well this is my friend’s car or whatever blah blah blah they were out there or what and the police have got the idea well you can’t just go by whether the car was registered why not it’s supposed to be registered to your address if it’s registered in manchester and you find it in london and you’re not supposed to go more than a mile why is that not good enough unless they’ve literally just moved to london

no sorry if they’re going to do a second lockdown when they do a second lockdown it needs to be rigidly enforced nonetheless oh well we want we advise people to do this we advise people do that no it’s like tomorrow face masks start on the london transport

let’s see how many people i mean i can’t because i can’t get out but there are definitely be news cameras it’ll be on the news tomorrow let’s see how many people get on the tubes without face masks get on buses without face masks let’s see how full the buses are it’s up to the driver’s discretion on how many people he puts in above the 20 they’re supposed to have on double deckers or 10 on a single decker


i don’t know it’s all well you know anyway i think this is going to be 50 so it is going to be our sequence because i think the current number is 42 maybe i can’t remember

well there we are let’s get this one up and done and i’ll speak to you tomorrow thank you for watching like don’t like who cares it don’t affect me if you’ve got any comments put them in the um comments or email me directly for touch the nerve

i’ll try and get this link sent out to everyone that i’ve mentioned because it’s about time you people actually saw the misery you put me through and it’s about time that you people the ones that i’m gonna send this link to via email you people actually explain yourselves you are all public servants i want answers not asking for money i’m not asking for gold-plated taps and a marble bathroom i just want answers

you know the questions

why haven’t i got any answers anyway good evening i’ll speak to you tomorrow hopefully