A controversial one, but here are my thoughts, for what they’re worth.

Let me describe someone to you. They are in their 50s, male
They have sex with children aged 9
And then the leader of the second biggest religion on the planet
Are their paedophile Muhammad is the leader the messenger of Allah according to Islam
And yet in the Quran their holy book
It describes Muhammad
Marrying Aisha at the age of six she was six he was late forties early fifties
And having sex with her at the age of nine
He also goes on to you now advise that you can beat your wife
You can punish her by sleeping with other people it’s all in the Quran
And men can virtually do anything to women
I have tried reading the Quran. I had a copy of the Quran here and I’ve
Tried reading it and is the most awfully written book I have ever tried to read
I’ve had to resort to online scriptures and translations
To me the Quran reads like
The made-up rantings of a sex-mad child molester
To go through to the title of this is Muhammad a paedophile
Technically no because in the Quran a paedophile is defined as someone who has
Urges lusts for the company of children well in the Quran it doesn’t describe that exactly
But it does describe what a child molester is i.e some an adult that has sex with a child
He’s technically a child molester
And this is the sort of person
That Islam looks up to as a role model he beats his wives he allows you to beat your wife
You’re allowed to have multiple wives you’re allowed to have multiple sex partners
As long as you call them slaves or concubines you could only have four wires, but it doesn’t
Say you can only have four women you sleep with no wonder why a lot of men
Choose Islam because it gives you so much more freedom than it gives the women
And there’s all sorts of abuses going on towards women in Islam and
Seriously why would any sane person want to follow religion that’s headed
By a prophet on earth a prophet on earth
That encourages men to behave so appallingly towards women it actually
States in the Quran that women are yours they have less rights than you it takes two women
To outvote or vote equally towards a single man a woman only has half the rights of a man
And a man that listens to the advice of a woman is a weak man according to Quran
I don’t know about you, but I think most mums are women and I don’t think they’re that week
But there we are you see is Muhammad a paedophile
No technically although nowadays under our code of conduct now
I think most people would consider him to have been a paedophile
But technically he was just a child molester
So do you want your children to look up to this man as a role model
That would be very strange in anyone’s book
Does make you wonder why Islam is followed by an awful lot of
Men and they drag their women with them by the look of it anyway I’m sure there’ll
Be some comments about this thank you for watching and I will speak to you again soon