LB Waltham Forest… again!

17 June 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Blog.

Is it me, or does anyone else have to raise at least one complaint (normally several) everytime they contact Waltham Forest council?

So far this week, I have had a missed call back, which I have sought compensation for, and an FOI request fulfilled by Housing with incorrect data (as it should show my data on it for the subject concerned, and does not. That FOI response alone counts for the following complaints:

  1. Data produced was wrong
  2. Re-use restriction applied to public data (clarification sought and ICO emailed)
  3. Possible mis-use of unreasonable behaviour policy, as 2 people had it applied to them in the last 12 months, but the council do not know if they had mental health issues. The policy states this policy should not be applied to people with mental health issues, so shouldn’t they find out first before applying the policy, and note that on the record?

Every day so far, the list of complaints against Waltham Forest grows. I am tired of the poor, sub-standard service we are receiving in this borough. I will carry on raising complaints to try an improve the services we receive in this borough, despite it severely affecting my mental health.

Do you have any recent problems with Waltham Forest Council? Please, share your thoughts.

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