New week, same old mistakes

14 June 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Blog.

When will Waltham Forest Council ever get things right? So many mistakes in one day alone, yet more complaints raised. No call back when requested, phone system put me through to private voicemail system, then cut me off after 15 mins. Needless to say, a complaint was raised, to improve the service. I even volunteered to do user testing, from an autistic point of view, for their website and services.

Another hot day in London. Over 30C in my flat, my boys are melting almost. I am trying my best to keep them cool, but only Tabs, the youngest seems to be taking it ok.

I have also raised an FOI for all communications within housing, since the Housing Ombudsman wrote to them.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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