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Thanks to Tam and Gina (yes, another Gina, lol) I feel as though finally the tide has turned. Not only have I had support from NELFT Talking Therapies (sorry Sasha) but now The Hate Crime “crew” are giving me good assistance.

They have a plan going forward and I feel that together we can make a change. No more abuse of disabled people by Waltham Forest and its Housing Department. No more ignorance of the 2010 Equality Act. Disabled people, be they physically or mentally disabled, deserve the respect and rights due to them. Just because public servants are working in the public sector, does not mean they are honest and trustworthy. These are supposed to be a given because they are set out in the ethical standards document. However, in my experience, not many public servants uphold the standards they are supposed to. Managers are even worse, as they do not even know the policies which they are supposed to be guided by.

I let Barking & Dagenham council off, by moving, due to severe anxiety. The “line has been drawn here, and no further” No more will I give in to public bullies. Waltham Forest Council has bullied me, abused my autism and anxiety, and threatened me, yet the managers are all in place still. I will slowly, but surely, fight until I have received justice. No more should we accept liars in public office. No more will we accept standards in public office normally reserved for warring African countries. We deserve respect, rights and justice.

I am slowly going through all the policies that Waltham Forest Council have enacted, especially in regards to mental health and disability, and I will raise more and more complaints as I find officers have breached standards and policies. We can make a change, we will make a change, we have to make them change.

Join me in a campaign to replace the senior managers in Waltham Forest Housing.

Billy Gibbons

An autistic man, who only thinks he's crazy. A former IT genius, now a campaigner for Mental Health rights and better public service standards for all.

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