Redirects, Reviews And Other Animals

11 June 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Blog.

The stream, scheduled for tonight, has been postponed. It has been so long since I last streamed, I am still attempting to get the keys working.

In other news…

The planned call back from the ombudsman did not take place, as expected. I am having issues with the Information Commissioner retrieving my own data from Iain Duncan Smith. He seems to be exempt in a way I don’t understand, from the law. I did ask for supporting evidence from the ICO, but they refused to send any, just an email which made no sense, and they have refused to call me to discuss, as per making a reasonable adjustment for myself.

I am slowly going through my trakt library, writing reviews for all my DVD library. I am adding to them other films and TV Shows which I have seen, but do not have DVDs for.

Finally, I have managed to get my redirects working, so putting the social media site after my address, should get you there, if I have an account with them. For example, WILL get you to my youtube channel main page. The same works for twitter and facebook also.

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