So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Things only get more bizarre! I now have a letter from the head of Tenancy at Waltham Forest Council, withdrawing the recent letter issuing a SPOC and advising she will be reveiwing this in 28 days.

My response:

This is not sufficient, especially after the 15 months you and your staff have put me through! Be honest, why have you contacted myself now? Has the ombudsman contacted you?

All I have asked for is for you and your staff to act as public servants, and show no favouritism or bias in your work, which you and your department cannot demonstrate, apart from on paper, as in the real world, you do not carry out instructions without either doing them incorrectly or putting residents at risk (e.g. your estate management crew who told my neighbours I had complained about the personal items in the stairwell, which 14 months later, have not been removed, despite you advising the ombudsman that they had.

I also require personal apologies from everyone who signed off and carried out the SPOC in the last 15 months, including anyone who forwarded communications to the single point of contact, as the civil service code of conduct states that anyone obeying an instruction should “understand and agree with it”. I also, as I have previously stated, put formal complaints against you and several senior officers for the same issue. This therefore must remove you from the investigation into the SPOC assignment, as it would lead to a conflict.

You state in your letter that you will investigate how you can best provide services to me. The answer is simple, stop lying ( all paperwork should be enforced)

Stop staff telling residents personal details of the complainants.

Carry out your obligations in law and in policy, without bias (including of colour, race or mental health status)

Answer all questions put to you (several over the last few weeks, and even years, have not been answered or even acknow

You need to withdraw ALL single point of contact letters and expunge from my housing record all negative comments made by your staff unless they can submit evidence of their statements.

All ASB charges are to be closed immediately, as you and your staff have a negative bias against people with mental health issues and have been found to be liars (Junad has been recorded stating he will not instruct his staff to remove any personal items, a recording which he was made aware of beforehand), which you and your staff refuse to allow FOI access to.

I demand a formal investigation of your department, conducted by a neutral department, especially regarding treatment of people with mental health issues. I have to this effect requested from the information team data to support this investigation concerning the single point of contact and people with mental health issues.

Forthwith, all staff in housing are to be placed on a recognised customer service course, run by external agency, as the main part of you and your departments failings are a lack of customer service skills. Those who refuse training, or do not pass the training sufficiently, should be removed from customer facing roles.

I believe that your staff are either racist or biased in some way against myself. I stated this last year and instead of opening an investigation, you refused to communicate with me. Please explain your action.

I reported several residents last year for tampering with their fire doors, which on investigation, was proven, but no thank you for making the block safer letter was received, which would be good customer practice. At the same time, I asked to have all fire doors inspected, but this was not carried out, why?

The longer you and your colleagues refuse to obey laws and policies the more complaints, as I kept saying last year, will be raised. Your complaints system is also NOT autism friendly, as a reference number is useless, it requires at least a summary of the original complaint too. As Rumana pointed out in one of the meetings which you have restricted my access to, “no one will be forced to use the portal”. This has gone to the ombudsman also, as I believe your staff have incorrectly allowed access to this data, as acceptance of the invite was acceptance it will be a public document. Rumana did say I did not need to record this, as it will be a public document.

Derrick Mclean is last on my list. For apparently one of your best housing officers, his customer skills are zero. He should directly answer questions honestly, not walk out of meetings alleging I ma threatening and intimidating, then get his manager to cover for his weakness. If he cannot cope with the workload or the duties fairly, then he should be removed from his current role. I would like all his communications with and from me examined, as there are several items that he has not actioned and that he refused to acknowledge.

Repairs are another issue, which you need to remedy. I reported a repair several weeks ago and was recently contacted by someone in litigation. Why litigation? This was never explained. Was it a form of intimidation of someone with a disability? Will I ever get a reasonable service from your department, or will I have to keep repeating myself and throwing issues to the ombudsman, as this is a continued proof that you and your department are wasting public monies, which I have already contacted the external auditor about.

I expect nothing, but I hope for everything from you and your team. Please note, I remind you that I am publishing all responses to social media and the web, and may be used in any further actions against your organisation and its staff.

Items have been removed to secure the privacy of private citizens. I look forward to a further update shortly.

Billy Gibbons

An autistic man, who only thinks he's crazy. A former IT genius, now a campaigner for Mental Health rights and better public service standards for all.

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