Waltham Forest Council Caught Out Again

23 June 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Blog.

Yes, and it was so easy. Ask Waltham Forest Council a question, then a couple of days later, email the information Officer a “Freedom Of Information” request, asking for documents to substantiate the original question, then compare both responses. In theory, they should match. I did this, and the answers were different.

I then forwarded these responses to the Information Commissioner, who has oversight of the FOI requests and how they are carried out. I also emailed the information officer and wfdirect, asking that an investigation be carried out into the discrepancy. Not a good look for a responsible bunch of public servants, sworn to uphold the law.

I also have quite a few irons in the fire lately, including a repair which was logged over a month ago and still not actioned because “they” lost the report. I also had to report LBWF to the Housing Ombudsman again, for still not calling back from rents to recover my compensation which the Housing Ombudsman awarded me. In addition, I believe LBWF have tried to enforce an unofficial single point of contact, which I have also raised a complaint about.

I am also awaiting lots of complaints against all those officers who supported my single point of contact (SPOC) assignment last year, including Mark Hynes, the officer who signed off the original policy! One complaint already has been actioned late, despite having been told off by the ombudsman for doing so last year.

And yet, as each day passes, without even trying, I am forced to raise more complaints. Seemingly most things that Waltham Forest Do, at least where I am concerned, is either wrong, or downright unlawful (in as much as not respecting various Acts of Parliament, including the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act).

As the week draws to a close, I hope Friday will be the first day for a while I have not had to raise complaints against Waltham Forest Council. I fear not, as I believe that a response from complaints should be due today, so a complaint will go in about the delay tomorrow.

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