Diary 21 June 2021

22 July 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Diary, DIary 2021, Mental Health.

Mental Health support in the UK generally sucks! However, most times, us people with severe mental health problems manage to muddle along. We actively avoid calling for help, because most times, there is none. If you are lucky to be assigned a care worker, then you only get support 9 to 5. At other times, there is none (IMHE).

Yesterday, on the 21 June, the same day that I made the above video, the government announced a further £75M in funding for autism. As there are about 2 Million adults with autism ( at least) in the UK, this equates to about £37 each! Maybe enough for a couple of hours extra consultations with a specialist. And this is going to change things?

I have an idea. Instead of funding Autism for £75M, why not use some of the money to force public organisations to disclose their phone numbers when they call you. This is one the the primary factors that people with autism say restricts their access to public services. Waltham Forest Housing, as followers of my Youtube page will know, have refused to carry out even this simple “Reasonable Adjustment”, which is their duty under S149 of the 2010 equality Act.

In the meantime, I urge each of you to raise this with your local MP, and ask each of them how they and their office complies with the above. I have tried my own MP, but he has refused to communicate with me.

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