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Diary DIary 2021

Diary 1 Dec 2021 – #199 – Down The Rabbit Hole

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hello and welcome back to another diary entry episode 199.

this is your regular reporter somewhere in hades near the rabbit hole on the edge of wolfram forest the real world stopped existing for me last night after i had or i participated in an online meeting with waltham forest housing and the housing numbers and it was just the real they didn’t answer any of my questions they don’t explain why they didn’t answer they make the excuse that although i was one of the first respondents with a question because they said they would bring the housing officers along no housing officers were there in fact we don’t know the participants don’t know who was there because no one put down their job title

so there was about eight people that were listed as co-hosts eight or ten and participants could only speak to the co-host

you couldn’t talk to each other at least i couldn’t talk to anyone else

so they’re either restricting just my rights or the restriction everyone’s rights because we’ve got the right to talk to each other i had all the cameras turned off all the microphones turned off

it was a fast and where did the disability forum go which is normally held on the same time as the housing forum no disability forum this year this is what authentic council thinks of disabled people it was only sort of tacked on the end of the housing forum the disability forum and yet where’s that going i will be doing another video but this time purely for facebook for the local estate group that i run and I’m going to see if we can all join forces to beat this council because they’re atrocious with human rights and public rights unless you’re an ethnic minority

then you don’t get any action from this council whatsoever they prove that time and time again with their Facebook posts and their twitter posts every ethnic minority in the boroughs represented apart from Caucasian

why I’ve mentioned this and they don’t respond well the gun responds now I’m using resolver because then i can escalate up through the channels in the correct time sequence because resolver does it for you and all you’ve got to do is escalate up escalate up did you get stage two no it goes up to the ombudsman there we are then

which is bizarre because one of them has gone up to the ombudsman because they haven’t responded from four months ago and the ombudsman wrote back to me one was over saying well you need to go through the complaints procedure despite the fact that Richard Blakeway last night said you can just escalate calls up to the ombudsman if they’re not answering you so I’ve escalated it back to the ombudsman they’re not answering you better sort your [ __ ] job at I’m not impressed with Richard Blakeway

not exactly

communicative let’s put it that way i messaged him directly because he was listed as a co-host didn’t respond to my message nothing threatening or abusive about it

but there we are let’s see if the housing ombudsman’s attitude changes from today onwards I’ve called them today about you know authentic council still owned me i believe two thousand pound well according to the rent statement it hasn’t increased since June just shy of 900 it was in June and now it’s about a thousand don’t understand that how it can go up by only a hundred pound in six months when I’ve been overpaying well at the time i was told two hundred pound a month

that’s what i was told on the phone but there we are let’s work this one out shall we boys and girls what else is happening oh i keep I’m still on the online dating groups and so many people message her and then oh yes give me your number and then they don’t do anything i am ghosted so often i feel like a [ __ ] poltergeist

moving things around without even touching them now where’s my boys they’ve all left me apart from knurling he’s sitting over there nice lad yeah no because he’s black in a black background there we are that’s his life uh what else is happening where are we five minutes into the recording and we are still getting noise on the microphone which is good

oh i don’t know i think I’ve made a mistake on the episode numbers but hey I’m going to take that as official now 199. i think 191 is missing if i remember rightly but i think i did do a 191 but i just didn’t upload it or didn’t make it public because i think it was just too much of a rant so i think the sequence is correct it’s just one hasn’t gone public

so the next one will be episode 200 oh boys and girls we’ll get some good news by episode 200.

you know maybe there’s a mad person out there that actually likes me maybe i will find the rabbit maybe his fob watch has stopped which is why he thinks he’s late all the time maybe he’s actually early oh maybe the white rabbit is Einstein and the rabbit hole is the universe and Einstein is jumping into the universe and solving the mysteries of time and space

well maybe I’m just in wonderland nothing is real anymore

maybe anyway

i don’t want to put too many people off thinking I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore

whatever happened to that film ah they were the good old days peter finch one movie um yes I’ve got another i might do the Facebook one tomorrow because i want to get back to bed blondie blah I’ve had a weird sleeping pad and it’s not got any better in the last couple of nights um

yeah so thank you for watching no rant really today because that’s going to go on the Facebook one but when I’ve done the Facebook one I’ll put a link into it down here so you can see i remember thank you for watching i shall love you and leave you sweet dreams everyone have a good night and be careful out there

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An autistic man, who only thinks he's crazy. A former IT genius, now a campaigner for Mental Health rights and better public service standards for all.

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