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18 January 2022
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Diary DIary 2021

Diary 1 Oct 2021 – #192

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Okay this is the fifth time I tried to do this I’m going to keep it quick because there’s not much happening that was Charlene she’s come around to take my rubbish away something’s weird happening outside I noticed there’s sort of like slippery floor signs outside on two floors there so I don’t know what’s going on there’s no warnings normally out there anyway nothing happening this week nothing happening the weekend nothing happening next week I’ve had I think I’ve made a proper friend someone’s been calling me on a regular basis and it’s nice having to talk to someone that just calls me I’m not used to it I have to be careful not to come across sarcastic

But it’s nice having someone that just calls and talks with you I was talking to her last night power enough incredible it was I think the more incredible bit is I had some internet left last night I’m waiting for the contract sim to come through and I can switch everything over and cancel me stuff I’ve already cancelled the id mobile one I can then cancel me Vodafone sim and then transfer my number over to a gif gaff system that Mary sent me I’ve got that today along with the thermal trip for the cooker so if I’m alert and awake I’ll do that tomorrow it’s only a matter of putting the thermal drip in and putting some wires on and then plugging it back in and it should be working I think it only broke last time because the trip was 12 degrees cooler than the maximum temperature in the oven it seemed a bit of an oversight to me so I’ve got a 240 degree trip

And that should be working fine I’m going to bend it away from the actual oven bit a little because it’s allowed to go up to 240 but if that trip gets 204 it’s going to go again I’ve got two of them so if it does go I can amend it again

It’s only an oven I mean it’s a heater element with a thermostat and wires connecting not difficult um

I’ve had take away pizza tonight so I feel fed I’ve got food on order for tomorrow

And that’s about it really I’ve got morning sitting here staring at me from the Blu-ray I don’t know whether he wants me just to turn this bloody light off and stop talking into the microphone or whether he’s waiting for me to go to bed I think it might be waiting for me to go to bed and clean sleep a train tell the truth um that noise is a recording an actual recording of the tap dripping I hear that 24 7. Thank you wolf in the Forest council for not doing anything for me a year ago I asked to be transferred Waltham Forest Council have sat on the transfer or they lied to me but I’ve spoken to other people and they haven’t contacted anyone thank you Waltham Forest council um

Yes not a lot happening really I’ve got a few videos now to upload I think this will be the sixth one I need to do subtitles for have a look at my website billy gibbons me I’ve sorted that out today I’m not too happy with it I might go back I bought a template and I went to apple with a template either I’m not too sure that’s not the template I bought the one the website’s based on I might see if I can create an offline

Copy or temporary I don’t know let me know what you think about the website anyway billy gibbons dot me I think it’s

That one there yeah, I don’t know


Okay so that drip drip drip four months now about that authentic council refuses to pay me compensation refused to do repairs refused to talk to me refused to take off a single point of contact even though they told that it wasn’t being applied legally or correctly it’s actually legally because it’s a contract between me and them and if they’re not following their own policies it’s not lawful if balls and Forest council got a problem with that you know me number call me I dare you anyway I’m going to make this really short because I’ve got to do the subtitles for this as well thank you for watching please like share subscribe comment let me know what you think about the website and I’ll speak to you again shortly probably

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