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DiaryDIary 2021

Diary 2021 10 11 – Episode 193 – The Chinese Water Torture

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Hello and welcome back i

Suppose diary 193

I have had four and a half months of water torture by Waltham Forest council that tap is still dripping 24 7. Nothing I can do about it

No explanation as to why it has taken four and a half months for a tap to be fixed

No explanation as to why Waltham Forest council are unofficially putting on a single point of contact no explanation as to why wolves and Forest council are ignoring all my requests questions queries comments I keep getting the third time now I’ve had a response on their Facebook page about I’m sorry to hear it’s the same thing copied and pasted I’m sorry to hear this Mr Gibbons what is there we can help with and when I tell them what there is they can help with they ignore me so they ignore me on Facebook as well as on the phone and in email and to me ignoring also includes using an unofficial single point of contact to communicate with me solely

That is not acceptable I’ve had to contact the NHS again today because two months to have a phone call returned from the NHS people is pathetic so I’ve complained about my GP surgery again and I’ve mentioned to NHS England that over the last two years I’ve complained several times about minor chess surgery and they seem to be repeating the same mistakes i.e. they are disrespecting people with anxiety or at least protected characteristics under the 2010 equality act by refusing to actually uphold a reasonable adjustment request hello Caspie

So, they do not call me back on a non-private number I actually said to NHS England two and a half months ago their surgery recruited a new

Recruit a new receptionist

And she called me back on a non-private number and that’s the first time they’ve called me back on a non-private number bar in the time I contacted NHS England and they called me on the bypass mobile number but the council the GP has called me back on a non-private number hands worth medical practice I thought they were pretty good practice until I joined them three and a half years ago and they’ve let me down left right and centre and I believe that half of my problem with Waltham froze council comes back to Hansworth medical practice not taking my disability seriously

And when they’ve been contacted by wolf and Freud’s council who have probably asked them well is Mr Gibbons really housebound they’ve probably said not as far as we’re aware because no one’s made a [ __ ] note of it and there’s nowhere communicating with these people unless you contact the harpies from hell otherwise known as the receptionist and then you have to rely on the receptionist actually putting on your record which apparently they haven’t done

And there is no email address for them so I cannot email them saying I’m not in a good shape I’m housebound because the only email addresses I have for them are NHS email addresses and apparently according to the senior practice manager

They don’t accept emails from non-NHS addresses I know that’s [ __ ] because I used to do their IT support and they do accept non-NHS email addresses they just don’t accept them from me

But there we are so NHS England asked me what they wanted to happen what I wanted done and I said I want the senior clinician to apologize for the way I’ve been treated and to give assurances that my treatment and treatment of people with my condition will be different going forward

I don’t know

I really don’t know

I didn’t get asleep till 4 30 this morning and woke up at 11 30. My poor cat was still asleep they tried waking me up about seven or eight

I can’t get to sleep because I’ve got a drop tap dripping 24 7. As you can hear

And when I do get to sleep, I do not sleep very well

I have got no medical support

I have been isolated by Waltham Forest council for two and a half years basically ever since someone at Waltham Forest council gave my housing officer permission to ignore my emails

So, I’ve had no housing officer for two and a half years I’ve got no one to turn to when I need help and someone in Waltham Forest housing has authorized my housing officer to ignore my emails because he does ignore my emails

I mean basically if I’ve not had a housing office out, I’m not getting repairs they should refund my rent

I don’t want 350-pound compensation I want my rent refunded for as long as they’ve not been giving me a housing officer two and a half years seems reasonable; I’m paying for a service that isn’t been provided

I’ve had no communication from my MP again

I’ve had no communication from the local labour party again even though I messaged them on Facebook asking why they’ve been ignoring me and they’ve ignored that also

I suppose I’m going to have to try and find a solicitor tomorrow and see if I can get some sort of action taken because this is just [ __ ] pathetic now

I’ve lost two so-called friends over the last week one stop talking to me wouldn’t explain why another one kept promising to call me back and refuse to come back so I blocked those now

Lita called me this afternoon to show me that she is cooking I did not really want to talk to anyone especially if they’re cooking thank you goodbye

I’ve told her to come and pick her stuff up she wanted to come down tonight I said Saturday was fine

I’m gradually losing the few people that I can communicate with one by one because they’re not actually communicating with me

Same thing that happened three and a half years ago four and a half years ago I keep forgetting it’s been a while now

I am moments away from having a full-on breakdown again

Because no one is listening to me no one is supporting me and no one is contacting me I don’t want to type for the rest of my life I want a person in front of me to talk with I had someone around last Sunday called maria not yesterday the week ago and she seemed okay we seem to get on all right but within 50 minutes she’d gone out the door because she had to get home before it got dark

And all week she’s been ignoring me I’ve been you know hello good morning good night all that sort of normal stuff and today she eventually told me that she’s found someone else and she doesn’t want to talk to me no explanation as to why or what I’ve done wrong I’ve asked her and she may when she feels like it tell me what went wrong well [ __ ] you maria

And Rissa as well another one I blocked because she just stopped talking to me one by one Eka’s off the list I nearly did Sasha last night as well because I’m [ _ ] pissed off with everyone that talks but don’t [ _ ] call me they’ll message you and text you and promise to call you back

I’ve had 54 years of promises not putting up with this [ __ ] anymore don’t promise to call me call me don’t promise to come round Heiley

Come round I had promises after promises that the woman that was here originally would come back and visit me not once

I had promises from the residents that I’d be invited to all the new BBQs not once

I had promises from Waltham Forest council that they would respect me and communicate with me effectively not once despite me telling north and Forest council exactly how to communicate with me at the bottom of every email for the last year and a half

Not once and irony of ironies I was having a look through the Eventbrite site over the weekend, and they’ve got all this training now Waltham Forest council for autism awareness and equality but only for people in social services so it’s all right this disrespect people in housing then

Only social services have to be trained on how to respect people that have issues what about those people that social services don’t want to [ __ ] know

What about the adults that social services aren’t geared up for because that’s what they’ve told me time and time again oh well we’re geared up for children mainly they’ve said that’s fine so until you get to 18 or 21 whenever their calf is then you’re on your own social services in Waltham Forest does not look after you unless you have a physical disability and then they can do something that’s what it comes down to with all from Forest council they actually put a video on Facebook over the weekend they probably terminated my [ __ ]

Comment it’s probably private because I put comment on because they had an Asian looking fella on there a couple of times 10 hours apart they put the same video up or similar video

A couple of times going on about well Waltham Forest social services have really helped him since something or other happened I don’t know when and I put down oh so it’s only non-white people they get social services care when they’re adults then because wolf and Freud’s council haven’t offered a single bit of help towards me and I’m more severely handicapped than he was it was a mental tra a mine’s an ongoing lifestyle thing you know it’s not a choice it’s what I was born with

But Waltham Forest council like I keep saying are racists they will help Asians and black people and push white people aside you can tell that from their Facebook posts and their twitter posts 95 of all the people on their posts are non-white I don’t think this borough is 95 non-white not yet I mean Waltham Forest council are doing their best to push the white people out no one wants to hear me on this

So why are there so many non-white people on the post for Waltham Forest council

Each of their own favouritism I just want an explanation Waltham Forest council as to why there’s so many disproportionate non-white people on your Facebook and twitter posts disproportionate that’s the thing why don’t you put me on one of your posts about an example of how you have found an autistic adult how you failed to complain comply with the equality act with a white man but you bend over backwards for the Asians is that what you’re saying to me because that’s what’s coming across on your Facebook posts post after post after post Asian black Asian black

Really where are all the white people in social services where’s the housing stories involving white people

No one wants to listen to me because I spout the truth and it leaves a nasty stench in the nose of idiots and liars and in the case of most people in housing lying idiots

They’re so idiotic they don’t realize they’re bloody lying these people I actually for the umpteenth time spoke to someone in the housing ombudsman on Friday and Waltham Forest council I’ve got 10 days now to answer questions about my treatment and why for example a tap repair has not been put out for repair despite the fact they put it in writing that they did two months ago

Why rents have not called me back to repay my money and give my compensation over four months ago

Why they can’t pick the phone up and talk to me like a normal h an being why everything is filtered through a single point of contact

Unofficially for the last couple of months

Why the person that signed off

The breach of policy last year investigated herself

Why no disciplinary action has taken place against all those individuals that assisted and condoned the breach of the policy and my rights under law none of them have been investigated by hr until people are fired about the way I’ve been treated this treatment will continue because at the end of the day no one’s going to do anything what that has an ombudsman says until someone loses their job and gets fined and reprimanded

I will continue being isolated in this little prison of mine

Because of the way that wolf and Forest have treated me and the lies they have told to me

Till my dying day if needs be I want people with mental disabilities that are non that are white because the non-white people are catered for apparently according to Waltham Forest council, I want white people to be catered for also I want everyone with mental health issues to be catered for not just the ones that Waltham Forest choose to look after the ones that Waltham Forest like

It is not a choice Waltham Forest council you have an obligation in law you must respect the law you have to respect disability rights

As soon as I find a good solicitor, I will be coming for you Waltham Forest if anyone knows a good solicitor with mental health and discrimination experience, please do send me a message I am open to offers anyway I’m not going to carry on this has been nearly 20 minutes as it is

Thank you for watching

Try and sleep well I know I will not

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