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18 January 2022
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Diary DIary 2021

Diary 2021 10 13 – Back to NHS England, again!

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Hello and here we are again another day now the dollar episode 194 I have got such a backlog of subtitle in there

What’s happened so far, it’s no it’s Wednesday so I complained to NHS England yesterday about my GP who refuses to respect my rights under the equality act and refuses to call from a non-private number and refuses to return my calls unless I contact NHS England and this morning about 10 30 I had a call from someone at the practice

And he said how can I help you

And I said to him you called me

And he said well I’ve got an appointment for you this morning and I hung up on it so I’ve contacted NHS England and they’ve escalated it to the northeast London complaints team this needs to stop and then after I contacted jhs England about half an hour after

I got a text from the practice saying Dr Kazi will call you on Friday from a non-private number not good enough Dr Kazi is not the senior clinician up there or cassie I don’t know Kazi how would you pronounce it

And the first words out of the senior clinician’s mouth should be I am sorry Mr Gibbons for the way we have treated you I can assure you this will never happen to you or anyone with your disability again

Otherwise I would be hanging up on them as well okay it will take several weeks for all of these complaints to get through but quite frankly I’ve waited two years for this another few weeks am not going to kill me well hopefully

What else is happening I’ve put a complaint in again today to Waltham Forest council about the bin sheds not being put the bins not been put away and the shed’s not being closed by the caretaker which they didn’t investigate last time for you but I’ve covered in the caseworker for the general complaint against northern Forest council for the way they’ve been treating me and I’ve also added in they haven’t treated me correctly with complaints they haven’t given me a list of compensation payments and they haven’t provided a list of questions and complaints so that I can understand where they are

And then I get messages from Heiley after I made a comment that she looks miserable on her Instagram post

I’m not going to put up with this you either respect me or I do not respect you I’m not going to give you the benefit of doubt

I’ve got complaints against the police my doctors and the council all for the same reason they don’t respect disability rights

So be it 18 months have been locked in here no one gives a [ __ ] dripping tap four and a half months no one gives a my mental health is failing

And I’m surrounded by people that lie two people don’t lie to me I know more than two people but I only trust two people

When people tell me they are going to that normally means I can’t be bothered right now when I’m bored I’ll give you a call or I’ll come round or whatever I am going to is what I hear all my life I’m going to me means I don’t want to but I suppose if you really keep moaning then I might do something to shut you up that’s what I am going to means to me I am going to call you on Friday the doctor said [ __ ] you doctor I want the senior commission a formal apology compensation would be nice for the way that I’ve been ignored

And an assurance a written assurance that policies will be put in place to respect the equality act you can start with not using private numbers to call people all the time you can start with issuing an email address so that if people are housebound they can send in emails to contact you or to put complaints in you can start with changing your practice manager from the harpy from hell

Who lies and says we can’t accept non-NHS emails on this email account when everyone at the practice knows that you accept non-ancient non-NHS emails because I used to work for you remember or don’t you remember billy gibbons because it’s not the name I went by oh does that ring a bill now?

Telling me a pack of lies about your phone system and your email system when clearly, I know your email system inside and out and the same with your phone system so do not lie to me

We’ll just have to wait and see what NHS England says or northeast complaints it’ll be interesting to see what Dr Kazi says on Friday

Since he’s not the senior clinician and he generally when he calls me after NHS England have been in touch he generally has a right attitude and comes on all rude and makes up excuses about well we did email you or we didn’t contact you because we thought this and we thought that or we were doing this or we were doing that no go back to school and do some training on customer services I’m not going to teach you I offered to teach Waltham Forest council how to do customer services correctly I’m not going to do it to the GPs you’re old enough and ugly enough and you should be trained enough in order to do proper customer service if you can’t do it go and get trained there’s plenty of courses

One receptionist down there and that’s the newest one has called me in two years and she was most sympathetic towards me your other receptionist on

Drip drip drip drip trip

What’s it now five months six months I’ve got a bed frame in my living room Waltham forest council refused to help me

I’ve had office from the police not their job turn them away I’ve had office from my mental health case worker not easter turned him away

Waltham Forest housing it is their job and they have done nothing apart from close ranks on me ignore me

Disrespect me and lie to me and the housing ombudsman they’ve now got eight days before we finally hear what their excuses are this time

Why haven’t they answered all my questions why they haven’t me a list of complaints why they haven’t done this why haven’t done that why haven’t they repaired the faulty tap that they agreed with me two months ago they should have done something four months now I’ve had a faulty tap four months

Anyway, that’s my 10 minutes I’m going to keep it to 10 minutes this time thank you for watching.

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