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18 January 2022
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Diary DIary 2021

Diary 2021 10 26 – Episode 195

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Hello 13 days after me last episode I seem to have cobwebs on the camera what’s changed

Well I’m in a slightly better frame of mind my sleep is slowly improving I’m going to try and go on a healthier diet now

Um I’m going to try and cut caffeine out totally today

Just to see if I can detox a little to get it out my system and then last time I detoxed I fell asleep about four o’clock in the afternoon for about three hours so I’ll keep an eye on that

Um I’ve actually heard from an old colleague of mine a friend of mine that I lost the number for and I was bizarrely looking for her number a few days ago and I couldn’t even find her on Facebook and then she called me to last night tonight now I suppose so sarah lawyer thank you I’ve got her number and got contact we get on like a house on fire for some reason she thought I was making a passer last time I was speaking I’m not like that people that know me no I’m not like that if I’m making a parsley yeah I probably wouldn’t realise I’m doing it myself

Anyway, I’m going to keep this fairly brief because the power’s going to go on me two o’clock cut off in a moment there’s my little gatsby in the background beautiful boy another person that’s come back to communication with me and we’re getting on a lot better this time because I’m in a lot better frame of mind she went for it as well with me year before last

Is Cristina and thankfully we are getting a lot better this time

She’s been through similar experiences to what I’ve been through I think that’s what bonds us that’s what keeps us going back together

Like I said to her today it’s like having an assist without another ad

Well I said that in a sort of roundabout way sorry about that what else is happening

I’ve Vodafone I’m still having problems getting away from the contract with Vodafone uh one simi’s down I’ve got to call him again in about a week’s time to clear the other sim and that’s Vodafone off me back I’ve got to contact the housing ombudsman today to see what the response from Waltham Forest council has been because this time they’re supposed to have 10 days and to provide evidence well I booked in a call back last Wednesday I’m do a call back tomorrow so I’m going to call them in the morning or whenever I wake up I’m going to be moving this room around slightly this week with any luck I’ve ordered some bits and pieces I’m going to move the tv speakers because the stereo separation either side of the panel is not good enough so I’m going to move them back to the edges of the room but raise them up because I’ve now got equipment in the way of where they would normally be so I’m going to raise them up to about the same level as the centre speaker


Chase the wires using masking tape and paint it should work in theory what else is happening

Same no contact from the council regarding money or repairs no not really happening

Um I’ve got more people in my life now that talk to me which is a pleasant experience

A friend of mine that’s in hackney my mind’s going in hackney yes

And we get on like a house on fire as well we you know when she’s off work she calls me and we have a good conversation it’s nice being able to have people I can actually talk to not just rely on one or two people I’ve got actual people calling me now which is an odd thing for me I don’t have that very often so it’s good especially the three new people that have come back in my life or are in my life now it is a pleasant experience and it’s so reassuring Chris sent a text earlier he’s going to do music thing online on Wednesday at I think 11 o’clock and it’s odd instruments well I have seen some odd instruments in my time there’s that one from the 60s with the metal rod and it goes by magnetic deflection

The Moog synthesizer I would class that as odd because at the time it really was and it was being used everywhere then you’ve got the stylophone which is a knockoff of a simpler device that was it’s been around for a while before it was labelled the stylophone it’s basically just contacts with a pen making contacts and a buzzer not really very musical though the Jew’s harp or the jaw’s heart which is a corruption

Mainly played if you’ve got very few teeth I’m not sure how you play it but you need to have almost zero teeth

There are quite a few weird instruments I’ve seen over the years I mean the electric violin is a really bizarre looking instrument it’s a standard instrument but updated for the modern era and is it may someone may plays it really well

Yeah anyway this is what episode 195 13 days after I’ve got five more to go oh what am I going to do for episode 200 I’m still working on my website I think I’ve worked out the ins and outs of it all now so that should be good I’m nearly finishing that now it’s taken a while and a little bit of money because you can’t get free themes that are any bloody good to be honest and a lot of the free themes are freemium you have to pay for you know the other bits so you might as well just buy a theme I bought two in the end the first one wasn’t quite what I wanted it looked like it would be but it isn’t the second one is ideal it’s perfect for what I wanted so all I’ve got to do is change the pages and things like that and it should be fine soon I’ve still got a backlog of videos to do for subtitling they’re all done they’re all uploaded I just need to go through do the English subtitles copy them across and then publish them so I’m going to try and do that in the next few days after I’ve uploaded this one it’s all going pretty well

And oh I’ve got a vax repair going I tried washing the carpet to the weekend pump wasn’t working I’ve got a new pump and order I should get that this week and I’ll be washing the carpets this weekend with any luck

And I’m on a well a more fresh food diet this week I’m trying to cut down all the meat products and things like that so salads fresh fruit fresh veg I’m trying that this week as well I need to arrest the weight gain because it’s not good anyway that’ll do for me for now thank you for watching don’t forget this is also subtitled in about 20 different languages

It’s the limit of the macro I would do more but the macro only lets you do 20 I think I could run it through twice and two macros oh I could do that but let me know if there’s languages missing and I’ll probably do that I’ll do another macro that adds another few languages on but thank you for watching please like share and subscribe and I shall speak to you again shortly thank you for watching.

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