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Diary DIary 2021

Diary 27 Sep 2021 – #190

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hello and welcome back to episode 190 sorry that was almost a darts in joke um

no lots happened as always I have been ignored again by the housing ombudsman and by Waltham forest council and the irony of iron is he says bringing up a clip this is a Facebook post that it’s a response to my response to their post about going and get your Covid 19 jabs um basically they said oh everyone’s entitled we’ve got all these facilities open and I put down and housebound residents are ignored by NHS in fact we seem to be ignored by everyone including the council and the council responded this is the first communication I’ve had from the council since June the 14th hi billy sorry to hear that what is it you need help with and my response to the council is you mean apart from the council treat me like a criminal or not respecting mentally disabled people I look forward to see what they say tomorrow in regards to that they’ll probably ignore me again um it would be nice if this actually got some action taken because they owe me repairs they owe me money

it’s about time they shifted the bed and paid me compensation for not taking it for four months because I’ve had to live with it affecting my mental health for four months now thank you Waltham forest council

and they call me derogatory they put them on a single point of contact without putting it down on paper so when the hands are numbered query it they can send all the information about them sending me an email saying we’ve stopped the single point of contact which they hadn’t officially given me anyway because I hadn’t gone through the policy is anyone understanding that they’re not actually doing things right and so if they’re not doing it right and they’re not following the rules they never really put money in the point of contact they tried to put me on a single point of contact but they failed and they failed again so two or three times they’ve failed and so instead of going through the paperwork they’re doing it verbally and I’m still waiting for the housing ombudsman to call me back over four weeks now this is the fifth week I’ve been waiting for the housing ombudsman to call me back the housing ombudsman

I really don’t know

I mean look at that post seriously look what it says it’s just not right oh really billy I’m sorry to hear about it what do you want help with well a bit of respect for disabled people would yeah be all right you know deciding who you’re gonna suck in housing for mistreating me for over two years someone needs to be sacked someone’s senior needs to be sacked to set an example

I’ve had nothing from Waltham forest council for two and a half years apart from threats and anxiety and lies I must keep saying they’re lying because on paperwork they say one thing but when you get them in person and you talk to them on the phone they’ll say oh yes we have to put that down in writing Mr gibbons oh yes but when you put it down in writing you have to carry it out as well I’m sorry about that but that’s what writing is it’s a form of contract you don’t get it you put things down in writing it’s a legally binding contract between you and the person you’re writing to do you not understand this book than foreign council I’m sure mark hynes would understand it isn’t a senior bunch of solicitors and yet he still got it wrong last year about oh yes they’re applying the um the policy towards you in an appropriate manner Mr gibbons really well how comes the housing opponent didn’t agree with you mark hmm oh look I’ve named someone in the council again who cares

if the council got a problem they know where I live they know me number they can call me I’m not reading any emails because most of them I’ve been getting from the couch have been threatening and abusive so I’m not reading any emails you want to talk to me pick the phone up and talk to me like a normal human I don’t know whether people in the council know what a normal human are supposed to be treated like but we have rights I’ve got disabled rights under the equality act I’ve also got human rights and the rights of every citizen in this country I mean it’s not good enough the NHS ignores me and my doctors ignore me I’ve been waiting for a call back from the NHS for over five weeks now they called me to say they was going they’ve called me to book an appointment for an NHS with Covid jab and then they found they hadn’t got any appointments for the following week and they will call me back next week that was four weeks ago now there’s no one actually do their job properly in this country anymore I’ve got NHS people online giving up and not being bothered none of my counsellors are talking to me don’t know why they won’t explain it they’ll accuse me of stalking them with no evidence and yet they won’t explain themselves to me because they don’t have to according to mark hynes

my mp refuses to talk to me he has refused to talk to me since I’ve been here for three years

and I mean talk not send me letters or emails or send stuff on behalf of me and not tell me about it Mr Duncan smith apparently that’s what you were doing last year would have been nice to copy me in but no you’ve got no sense of customer service whatsoever have you Mr Duncan smith oh yes I’m not from the right school oh yes I’m not from the right league for you am I Mr Duncan smith unfortunately you are my mp and you are supposed to represent me not choosing who to represent based on their bank balance or background or what public school they didn’t go to you are supposed to represent all your constituents Mr Duncan smith and that means picking the phone up on a non-private number and talking to them occasionally I’ve even sent a request for a zoom meeting with Mr Duncan smith and that’s been ignored that was months ago five six months ago ignored because I’m not from the right public school or I’ve not got the right amount of money in my bank I’m sorry you take your constituency for all its constituents you don’t represent those that you like you’re supposed to represent all your constituents Mr Duncan smith yes ian Duncan smith in anyone if anyone is a bit confused by it

I don’t know

it’s not good

my sleep is all over the place

currently I’ve lost count of how much money the council owes me 15 1600 pounds I don’t know 350 pounds of that is compensation which they’re supposed to have paid me by the end of may well june the second or third technically and that was months ago now which they haven’t paid me and they’re supposed to apologize to me which they haven’t done and the housing ombudsman is supposed to be looking into this which they haven’t done as far as I know because no one’s picked the phone up in seven weeks seven weeks I spent three weeks waiting for a phone call I was told was going to happen which they had no record of after three weeks so then they put me on another two day callback and that was four weeks ago four and a half weeks ago now so I’ve been waiting until seven weeks for the housing ombudsman to call me I think I’m owed compensation by them as well

I am slowly going mad

here I’ve got nothing to live for nothing to wake up for all I’ve got to do is look after my cats

if it weren’t for them, I would not even be able to get out of bed

all you people that say you care

especially the elected ones we chose you and you choose who you’re gonna help well that’s discrimination for a start it could be classed as discrimination under the equality act because you’re discriminating against disabled people in my case so all you counsellors and all you mps out there

that think they can just pick and choose no you can’t because you are breaking the law you have a duty under section 149 of the 2010 equality act to assist without bias or favouritism

people with protected characteristics under the act you are public servants you are not private companies you are not private people you are elected and paid for through the public purse you are public servants and without communicating with disabled residents all disabled residents you are breaking the law think about that

anyway how long have been going uh 11 minutes I think I’ll end it there I’ve had my rant for today oh by the way happy birthday belated happy birthday to my mum it would have been her birthday yesterday but unfortunately she died in 1970s when I was only six so I don’t really know who my mum was thank you for watching.

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An autistic man, who only thinks he's crazy. A former IT genius, now a campaigner for Mental Health rights and better public service standards for all.

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