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5 December 2021
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Diary DIary 2021

Diary – 10 Sep 20201 – The BBC Episode

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Hello and thank you for coming back to another episode of my diary

I’m just keeping an eye on the stats yes, they seem fine nothing to report another
week with nothing to happen no communication from Waltham Forest council no
communication for the second week from the housing ombudsman I will be putting
a complaint in this weekend about that no communication from my solicitors no
communication from anyone I’ve still got one two friends that talk to me but
that’s about it um

I finally got through you know I was trying to set up a couple of more
channels on YouTube I finally got those channels up and running and they’re all
made and I’ve put two episodes up already I’m just going to do the subtitles
for them the same as I’m going to do the subtitles for this as well I’ve changed
the subtitling method as well I’m basically putting the subtitles or putting
the videos up letting YouTube do the subtitling and I’ll download that and edit
it and then re-upload it I think it’s easier for YouTube to do their bit than
is for me to do it at the same time especially with this processor it can’t
really cope with doing two three things at the same time I’ve just had to redo
this diary entry because the processor was getting overloaded I think because
the spinning background the video I’ve had to slow that right down just so this
processor can cope roll on when I get me money back from the council I’ll get a
new computer and I can do whatever I want on that then what else is happening
to be honest not really a lot I stripped down the toaster yesterday and gave
that a good clean it’s not immaculate it’s as clean as I can get it inside and

But it’s shinier and it looks cleaner from the outside without taking it all
apart I can’t clean the little bits of plastic inside where the breadcrumbs
have sort of stuck I’ve got most of them off but I’ll have to give it a proper
clean in a few months’ time I’ve also had to buy some new bedside lamps I’ve gone
back to non-touch lamps because touch lamps just don’t work with a alexa anyway
and the two lampshades have broken on mine I repaired it recently but the
repair was only temporary so I’ve got two slimmer hopefully bedside lamps and I’ll
have more real estate on the bedside table apart from that the boys are happy
and healthy

My friend in Stratford has I won’t mention her name has finally made it Pompey
after months of talking and she’s got long-term plans to go abroad as well so
that’s good a few weeks ago she was really down-hearted and just I’ve been
there so I helped her out and between me and one of her other friends I think
we’ve boosted her enough to get on with life she was stagnating when I first
came across her so I’m glad to see that’s happening apart from that I think
that’s about it anniversary of 9 11 tomorrow so there’ll probably be lots of
stuff in the news about that have a look at my other the scuttlebutt channel on
this YouTube channel I call them channels they’re actually playlists because I’m
keeping all my stuff in one place it’s becoming a smorgasbord of ideas this
channel so there should be something for everyone but the first two scuttlebutt
episodes were about YouTube

And the Texas abortion law or anti-abortion law I should say have a look on
my channels I’ll put the links down in the description to the rest of my
playlists please like share and subscribe and with any luck I will see you
again shortly.


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