Jaws (1975)

9 June 2021 | By Billy Gibbons | Filed in: Film Reviews, Reviews.

Possibly the best linear timeline and single-story ever (what I call a Type 1). Jaws is very well directed and edited. It uses little previews of upcoming events and music, to teach the viewer about things that will happen later, so as not to be overwhelmed.

The story is simple. A killer shark starts eating local residents of a town called Amity. This is an island off the east coast of USA, similar to Martha’s Vineyard, where most of the filming took place. The Chief Of Police is tasked with keeping the beaches open for the 4th July weekend, as the “summer dollars” was needed by the residents, as it was their primary source of income.

The characters are dynamic and well rounded, although some items that were cut from the movie may have helped explain some things, but overall, enough was supplied to make the story easy to follow.

This film is suitable for all ages. I personally have watched this over 70 times, and occasionally I notice something I had not seen before. It is well recommended as essential for anyone who likes a good film. More info can be found at IMDB.

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