Marooned (1969)

This is a lesser-known movie I recently discovered. It has some big stars for the day in and is a fictional account of what may happen if a retro rocket fails to fire, for the de-orbit burn, which brings a spacecraft back to Earth. Remember, this was released at a time when USA was trying to land a man on the Moon.

It is a very good, and realistic story, which keeps you alert to everything. It is sort of Apollo 13, before Apollo 11. The acting is excellent, although the animations of vehicles in space is reminiscent of a 1950s B movie, nonetheless, it is watchable. The zero-G (or what we now more correctly call micro G) shots are well managed and believable.

For a Type 1 film, it is very intense. It resembles the Planet Of The Apes movie, with Charlton Heston, in as many as 3 Astronauts with different personality types, all have to try and work together until the team is forced to break up.

I would recommend this as a good general film, even for the non-scifi person, this is more a docudrama than sci-fi. More information can be found on IMDB.

Billy Gibbons

An autistic man, who only thinks he's crazy. A former IT genius, now a campaigner for Mental Health rights and better public service standards for all.

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