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American Inauguration shameful hypocrisy of a total disregard of the founding fathers

hello and thank you for tuning in my name is bill gibbons and these are my opinions on the american inauguration that is literally just finished

i think it’s disgusting okay the general terms and you know uniting america is all well and good but the amount of times god and religion was brought into it for a secular society that’s in the constitution to separate church and state i find disgusting shameful and hypocritical how anyone on this planet can take the advice or guidance from an american when they are totally apathetic to hypocrisy belief it was written in the constitution to separate church and state and yet time after time after time it is ignored or bypassed in the 50s 1950s the american

[Music] money had the phrase in god we trust added to it that’s not very secular is it so quite honestly if you want to lead the world america then be truthful be honest and uphold the standards which you’ve signed up for over 200 years ago uphold the meaning of separating church from state no one should take any notice of any american as long as church and state is still intermingled in politics i don’t care how many people in politics are atheists or christians or jews or muslims i just care that officially church in the state is separated and yet in your inauguration ceremony you see a big bible you see prayers you see god mentioned several times stop it america if you want to set an example then start with your own country and sort your politics out you can’t have a constitution and then ignore it and then tell everyone else well you must have a constitution that is you know the letter of the law and you must abide by it hypocrisy is worse than lying it’s worse than stupidity because you know what you’re doing so finally pull your finger out america and stop with this non-secular ceremonies if you are secular behave so if you’re not get it taken out the constitution so the whole world knows you’re a hypocrite thank you for watching [Music]