hello happy new year this is the first in a new series i’ve had this playlist for a while but i might export it to a new channel the theme of today is is boris johnson worse than covid itself i say that because of the indecision that boris johnson has he waits to see what happens and then when he sees what he expects to happen he implements it and that’s like a three week delay this is a virus it has no idea of time or age or skin color it just spreads via water droplets or droplets of moisture that it can suspend itself in it doesn’t know if you’re a child or an adult if you’re black or white rich poor it hasn’t got a clue it just spreads


think of it like a fog in a fog some of it is infected with covet you can see the fog but you can’t see the difference between the covered and the fog and yet you have to go out and breathe the fog if you go outside and you have to take the chance that some of that fog will have covered in it’s only because the air is transparent and you can’t see it like you can with fog but people think oh well it’s not going to affect me

let’s wait three weeks and see how many more people are dead it’s not good enough i mean we were in a three-tier system then they created a new tier because it wasn’t working and now boris johnson and matt hancock are hinting at creating a fifth tier more severe than tier four sorry if tier three didn’t work and tier four didn’t work what makes them think that tier five would work boris johnson yesterday on the andrew mars show actually said that schools were safe where’s your evidence boris johnson give me some stats to say that schools are safe show me why they are safe if you can tell me why they’re safe then can’t we use that to make everywhere else safe they’re not any safer than anywhere else they’re saying it’s safe so people

send their kids to school and carry on going to work sorry tier 4 not working remember you’re supposed to be at home remotely working i’d close down the building sites i’d close down anything you couldn’t do from home furlough those people

and then everyone else is working from home so why do you need the schools key workers okay there are professional child carers out there schools are educational they care for your children while they’re there but they’re not child minders if you want child care facilities for nhs workers then open up the child care the private child care places fund them nationally for the health workers

problem solid kids are in a professional environment looking after them while their parents are working

and you don’t have to have mixing of children at schools because when you open up a school you’re talking a thousand children on average typically and that’s

somewhere between 500 and a thousand families so if one person gets infected with covid and they’re there week in week out then that’s 500 to 1000 families will get infected and that’s another four to five thousand people and they’re going out spreading their infections because a third of people don’t realize they’re infected or they’ve got coving at least a third

so that one person that one child has spread to 20 000 people do you see why schools are not inherently safe give it a month and that one sick child would possibly infect twenty thousand people

and it’s not good enough the only way to beat this virus is to lock down no exercise no going out no meeting up no exceptions no law breaking you have the military and the police on the street not in a car on the streets in a car does not do it but if they’re walking the streets that will keep lauren order no one’s enforcing public transport trains and buses people full of not wearing masks no one’s enforcing it there no one’s important in the supermarkets

if you’re not enforcing it then take the tier system out do what boris johnson wanted to do back in february and just let everyone get infected and die that’s what he wouldn’t do if you’re gonna die you’re gonna die a vaccine ain’t gonna save you

and quite frankly the way these vaccines have been rushed through even the people that made the vaccines don’t know what the effects are how long it may last for the protection they don’t know the human trials are in the wild they’re using the vaccine on the general population and they’re keeping a note of what the records say oh this protected him he didn’t come back with you know kovid so it protected him or her and it’s not good enough i’m sorry a vaccine trial normally lasts five years five to ten years not a couple of months and then oh let’s put it out in the wild what’s the side effects don’t know how long does it last don’t know just because it’s covered they don’t worry about pensioners dying in the winter because of flu and they can’t put their eating on but because it’s covered oh we must do something bad because the world health organization says we must more people die from the flu every year than have died in covid so far

it’s ironic when you think about it and that’s why i titled this as is boris johnson more dangerous than kobe because the indecision the waiting is literally killing people if he thinks tier three isn’t working don’t create tier 4 find out why tier 3 isn’t working if tier 4 ain’t working don’t create your tier 5 find out why tier 4 isn’t working is it down to enforcement is it down to the bane community which i see every day not wearing masks meeting up i see it all the time people in tier four visiting people what is the point of having like new between christmas and new year’s day taxis at two o’clock in the morning where’s the taxi coming from at two o’clock in the morning we’re in tier four you’re supposed to be locked down i would stop all taxes so people would have to use public transport

i don’t know this government is killing the economy and killing the people they should at least try to save one of us save the economy kill the people save the people kill the economy you can’t have both mr johnson you can if you do it really hard really fast and really sure look at ireland man they locked down strictly locked down it wasn’t draconian but they enforced it

and they’ve not been under the tier system for several months now they’ve been able to meet people and socialize the bars are open the restaurants are open they can do what they want on the island same as china where allegedly it all started i’m not too sure it did start in china the first case was recorded in china but that doesn’t mean it started there

anyway i won’t bore you 10 minutes is about the limit on these little things thank you for watching

it’s a new format leave comments like subscribe share tell people about this i will be putting more videos up on this playlist and i may export them to a new channel so tell me what you think thank you for watching and i’ll speak to you soon [Music]