An introduction to religion. The first in a new series on this channel.

Hello and thank you for coming to the first in a new series on this channel called Religion. It is going to be about all types of religion and beliefs. From every viewpoint, as far as I can do. Of course, being an atheist myself. It’s not going to be easy to be from the religious side of things, but I will do my best.

What is religion? The most common. Description of religion is the belief in a supernatural deity. With no evidence for its existence. And that is the crux. No evidence. There may be lots of stories written. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful to religions, but unless you’ve got evidence to support your stories. They are just stories. You need third party evidence. Outside of, for example, the Bible, so don’t use the Bible to quote the Bible or to support the Bible, you need another evidence. So for example, we don’t believe in the news. We know what’s going on. Because several news broadcasters are telling us more or less the same story.

So. We have multiple sources of evidence that the news exists. But God only has its own stories. You can’t use for example Islam to support the claim of a God of the Bible, because there’s no evidence for the claim of the God in his lamb. So that’s what I mean by evidence. It needs to be corroborated. Substantial. And repeatable. Okay, the news isn’t exactly repeatable cause it’s a time thing, but you can demonstrate that it’s existed because you’ve got multiple sources of evidence, not just written. You’ve got video evidence. You’ve got oral evidence. Lots of evidence. We’ve even got damaged buildings when it’s like wars and things like that. And the most reasonable explanation for what we see on the news. Is what the news tell us. Unless someone wants to come up with evidence of a supernatural being.

The other thing about religion is, especially under the Abrahamic tradition, God has a plan. God is all knowing, all seeing. Maximum powerful. Yet people pray to God. Even though that the praise a part of the planning theory and so. The praise will be ignored unless it’s part of the plan. So praying is pointless. And good. Made you pray to him because it was part of his plan, knowing that he would be ignoring it anyway. There’s so many paradoxes in religions. Islam, the Holy Prophet. Had sex with a 9 year old girl. And robbed caravans to support the terror attacks. And taking over Mecca. So hardly the sort of person you want to look up to. The Christian Bible supports slavery and rape. Oh, and genocide mustn’t forget the genocide. Catholics for a while believed in a man made purgatory, which is where babies went when they were christened. If they died before they were christened. And then the Pope back in the 1990s decided oh no, we made that bit up. It wasn’t really part of the Bible. It’s sort of like giving the game away boys. You would meet you mind I part of religion up so you might as well just come clean and say, well the whole of it had been made up.

If it was up to me, I would ban all religion. At least until the age of 18. And then. After indoctrination of logic and science, it would be up to you to decide. I would ban circumcision under religious grounds immediately. There’s no reason to abuse children in that manner. If you want to be circumcized later in life. So be it, that’s your choice. But to circumcise a baby. When there is no medical reason for it in my book, is abuse. And we should not tolerate it. I really don’t care what you mean. Sanctioned child abuse like that is just as bad as saying I take drugs cause it’s part of my religion or I rape young children because it’s part of my religion. No. Children should be protected. They are protected in law with exemptions for religious purposes, but why should they be exempt? What gives religious people anymore rights to abuse children? Than anyone else. What case religious people anymore rights to break the law than anyone else? The law is the law. There should be no exemptions. For religion, unless someone can come out and prove. The religion is true. And there’s evidence for it. You might as well just make an exemption for the author of Harry Potter. You really may as well. Say Harry Potter. Is exempt from all sorts of laws.

Anyway, I won’t go on. Thank you for watching this. Please like, share and subscribe. I’m open to all comments, especially on this channel as long as they are not rude or abusive. Together we can go forward, but not if we keep attacking each other. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you again soon.