hello again 25th november i’m recording this at  10 45 p.m and day three the struggle continues  please refer back to the previous two videos if  you don’t know exactly what this is all about  very important you see the first two videos  anyway since it’s a weekend and there’s  probably not going to be an update from external  agencies as they say i thought i’d give you a few  views on where barclay and declan council going  wrong since when i tell them they ignore me so  i’ve made a few notes that’s why i’m  looking down all the time um staff trainingfrom what i’ve seen it seems to be rather dire  some people tell me the staff are being fully  trained but when you ask people like i phoned  up on a couple of times to try and get through  to the head of a directorate and the people on  the front line did not know

what directorate was  so therefore they’ve not been trained  on barcelona’s corporate structureand they just don’t if they don’t know the  structure you don’t know who’s responsible for  what so how can you put these people on the front  line and these are supposed to be fully trained  customer service agents and i’m not talking just  on the main number i’m talking on repairs and  every other section that you want you want to  be transferred to another number because their  voicemail system or the voice menu system can  you put put through to something and you say it  and it goes goes to the wrong place most of  the time and there’s no once you’ve said cancel  and it doesn’t cancel you have to go  through to someone and you probably spent  four or five minutes on the phone at this stage  and in my experience most of the time you go  through to someone who’s someone who’s voice  mail and then you have to stop hang up start  again so to say it takes two hours to get through  to the right person or to get to talk to someone  is not an understatement sometimes it can be  really lucky except if it’s coming from my  number because i’ve tested this i’ve called the  council from an alternate number that i’ve got  and it gets for a lot quicker than my number so  all started a few years ago all this when they  made me victatious because i wanted to find out  what sort of phone system they were using because  i’ve worked with phone systems and most of the  time they don’t have to be set up to be private  you just take a box and publish a telephone number  so staff training back to diagram council um  mental illness training as i mentioned previously  i’ve been advised that oh all our staff have been  trained in mental health mental illness awareness  i’d like to know the numbers probably not  any point in putting an foi because they  probably do a section four and vexatious  complain and not answer me anyway but hey  anyone watching this ask them see how many people  have been on the mental health awareness training  um another thing that’s wrong with barking  dagon council is openness when you do get an  answer this is like three years ago when i  asked them about their phone system it went  on for weeks they don’t give you a straight honest  open answer they tried to give you an answer  mean meeting the minimum needs of the question in  fact that’s another point they don’t if you ask  several questions on one email i tend to find  that they will answer what they want on the email  if it’s lowered down on the  email they won’t read it all  they’ll start answering the first few  questions so and i’ve tested that by putting  bits down the bottom of an email that’s very  important and they’ve basically overlooked itand on the phone system bark and dagnam issue  private numbers or advertise private numbers when  they contact you which is a bit odd in my book for  what’s called a public organization so why aren’t  they actually advertising a number they’ve tr i’ve  tried to get this answer and it varies from we’re  not going to tell you to our phone system is  so old and yet when i read something from their  internet a couple of years ago saying they were  going to go to an all mobile system and queried  that oh no that was only an idea we were playing  with they didn’t even know where it got their  information from but all public organizations  not just barking dragon council all public  organizations should issue a public facing number  when they contact you it’s a public body why are  they allowed it should be a criminal offence to  withhold your number from a public organization  except for certain circumstances and that  would be like really rare national defenseissues like that general day-to-day  advertiser number even if it’s not  a directly contactable number it should be  a number that you can put in your phone book  and it will recognize it as a council number  but generally i would advise it should be the  main contact number if you’re being called from  a department it would be good if you had a  department-wide contact number so you didn’t  have to go through the menu system every time to  get put through to the wrong person or the wrong  department so general contact numbers department  contact numbers then it goes into a department  call center or call group and then someone  in that department at least will pick up  at the moment you waste time they  don’t actually design the phone system  for someone that’s busy and working in fact  i’ve been told by bargaining diagonal council  on several occasions that they plan that ninety  percent of residents are unemployed so this is the  reason why they put people at risk by just turning  up for repairs or turning up for gas safety checks  without writing and without planning that is  not good it’s should be under health and safety  at minimum anyway um and another thing that bark  and dagman seem to i can’t speak for everyone else  i’ve worked for you know six or seven councils  and i’ve not seen this happen anywhere else  but i can’t say this doesn’t happen anywhere else  um they don’t believe what customers tell them  um they treat with contempt for example  i remember putting a repair in once  and i stopped doing it after  this and i diagnosed the forward  because i’m not stupid you know i can’t remember  what put down but i said please make sure you  put down it’s this this and this that needs  replacing because they’ll need to order apartand when the repaired person came around this was  years ago before they started blocking the repairs  and changing the system and not being able to  get scheduled diary because people don’t call  back on disclosed numbers and they don’t leave  a voicemail when they call back see the previous  videos um when the repair person came round he  started walking all around the ass and doing  full investigations about what the issue was and  i said but didn’t you get any notes on it because  i told him exactly what the issue was because  i spent like three days diagnosing it and they  said oh no we have to take the notes off because  we can’t trust what you say not me personally i  don’t think but they have to come around and  investigate at the end of the day it was what  i told them on the notes but they just spent  like two hours trying to find out what it was  because they had to go through a checkbox system  surely it would have been quicker to leave the  notes on then the engineer comes around and sees  what the notes say and then see if i was right  and then they can eliminate that straight off  rather than do all the other bits of them pieces  anyway that’s the little winch  bark and dagnam customer services  last time i checked the corporate structure there  was not customer services director say previous  video i know i’ve mentioned this part of the  issue with barking dagon council is the fact  they haven’t got a customer services director  it’s just someone that deals with complaints  and that’s it and even that’s been restricted  you can’t contact complaints by phone anymore  it’s only mail and email what customer  services complaints department doesn’t allow  direct phone communication that’s bizarre  um so they need to reinstate a customer services  director and they need to have direct control  over compliance and all customer services  issues and report directly to the chief execonly then can customer services and i’m  talking customer services director above  all other department heads so they can tell all  departments how they are supposed to be working  melanis well we’ll have the customer  services director as a director  but he won’t be above anyone else and so he can’t  tell anyone else or she can’t tell anyone else  what to do no they need to be above  everyone apart from the chief exec  so that they can actually turn around and  say well this is wrong you need to do this  no discussion if the customer services director  says you’re doing it wrong you need to do it this  way they have to do it that way um that’s about it  it’s a short one tonight as i say it’s the weekend  and i’m not gonna bore you to death so the  only other bit i’ve got is day three nine  pound weight loss so far um thanks to a friend  of mine i’ve gone shopping this afternoonwithout her i would not be able to go  out i wouldn’t be able to get shopping  no one at the council seems to care but nine pound  weight loss went out got some meal got some coffee  got food for the cat no food for me walked all the  way around supermarket wasn’t even tempted to eat  so if people think i’m joking about this  please do ask around people that know me  know that once i dig my heels in i dig my heels  in so thank you for watching please subscribe  follow me get all the updates this is  daily i will find something to talk about  every day while i’m on hunger strike and tomorrow  is going to be interesting it’s going to be how  i’ve been treated by the mental health team  so thank you good night speak to you tomorrow