And Happy Star Wars day. This is going to be a weird video because this is going out to two YouTube channels, not just the one. I’m closing down, or at least not making anymore videos for.

The original channel and I’m now. Putting videos on my own website on a new YouTube channel. So if you want to follow me on social media. Go to the new website Billabong me. I’m manually transferring over all my old videos and standardising them, which is taking an age. Because I don’t think YouTube is fast enough, it seems to be duplicating entries, so I’m going to leave it overnight. And finish it off in the morning. Which will be. Today, by the time you get this video. Because I’m not uploading this until tomorrow. Because I want YouTube overnight to do its processing. I think overnight remove the duplicates because I’m counting 256 videos and there’s only 100. And 72 up there.

Which is odd.

Oh well, and happy as can be. I’ve got a new grass box for the children. Which I’ll show you in the morning or tomorrow after I finish being uploaded. I am considering getting an exercise bike. Because I’m fed up of having. A little bit of overweight. And without going out. There’s not much I can. Do so a folding exercise bike, I think. I’m far behind on correspondence with the Council. I haven’t been on e-mail for two or three weeks now. Ever since basically, April the 20th. When I decided to migrate my website over to a new provider. The difference between my original provider and my new one. He’s chalk and cheese, and here’s my little baby. Hello, Kathy. Say hello to the Internet. Yeah. So it’s a lot easier to build sites. Or I’ve got HTTPS. Basically I’ve installed an SSL. Which was a lot simpler. With this provider than it was with high Internet. It is taking forever because. The way I. Am mentally, it’s slowing my thought processes down. Something that a few years ago would have. Taken me a. Day to do it’s taken me two weeks. I’ve done this. For, you know, companies before migrating websites and things like that. And it’s a simple job, you know, for companies, it’s only taken 2-3 days. Such is life. I’ve managed to. Arrange the kitchen a bit better so the cupboards are a bit more organised. That’s only taken three years to sort out. It just comes to me and you sleep or half asleep. It’s like, oh, let’s get this. Which is why Amazon comes in hand. Because when you want something at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, you can find it on Amazon. And they’ll send it out and ship. It to you for the following day. But it can take a long time for me to. Think of the right thing. Sorry, I’ve got actually happened to. Had something in your palm couple of nights ago. Picked it it. Was like a scratch and it was. Becoming effective, I think. Anyway, I’m going to love you and leave you because I’m going to head off to bed now. Waiting for YouTube to do its thing. And so this is all new to me as well. Obs I’ve not used. Obs. In weeks. So and I’ve watched Scott Victor tonight. And I was. Shocked that he didn’t do everything in OBS. I’m gonna have to give it a try, and I know nutty does live streaming with. OBS. And he does. Similar transitions to what Scott does, except I think that he’s been using it. For a long, long, long time. He’s even written a A noobs commander. Which I have yet to download. It basically allows you to script certain things that aren’t in obvious currently, although apparently the new version of OS 27 is a killer. It’s got so many different transitions and changes in it. But we’re waiting for that to go live. It’s in beta at the moment. I’m going to love you and leave you. Hopefully this sounds alright. I’m not adjusting the microphone, but I’m peaking most of. The time here. So with any luck, it’s OK and you’re not hearing the wine from the laptop fire. Yes, thank you for watching and I’ll. Speak to you tomorrow, hopefully. Sorry, I’ve not. Started being on tablet app I must do.