hello 12 45 nearly on the 6th of december and i’ve just woken up and people still don’t believe i’ve got a clinical depression the council are going to kill me

my adult social care team

people have been assigned to look after me for six weeks it’s like

hitting me ahead against the wall we had a meeting on friday last friday a few days ago and they seem to totally not be interested in anything i said i told him in the meeting about the repairs and the situation with cab i did say i was going to send them a letter but i had a look at the letter that cab sent me and there was quite some quite personal details on there that i didn’t want them to have so i advised them to contact the cab

so they contacted me asking for the list

and i had to tell them again to contact the cab

because once again repairs i’ve been advised i’ve only got the repair for the gate which is a waste of public money because they could get the gate done for free capsules still won’t explain why they’re not taking article to get the cake done and the wall moved and all the repairs done because she’s you know damaged the public highway she’s done all sorts of things without permission any other person would have been taking the call justice is blind if you remember the statue above the old bailey justice is blind skin color shouldn’t come into it

but no so

after having another freedom removed on friday because i agreed not to write any more complaints and any more emails and i’ve already pointed out to mina my social care team worker that this would have been the third complaint that i would have put in against her because her emails are atrocious it’s either incorrect or she hasn’t read the email that you sent her previously and i am beginning to get really knocked now

i’m doing my side of the parking no one else seems to be doing theirs for instance when i went to barking hospital wednesday last week i got a food voucher

or tuesday last week somewhere last week i’ve got a food voucher my local food bank is a mile and a half away open once a week so i went on thursday got my three days worth of food which was handy but you know apart from tin soup and a little bit of pasta

there wasn’t i mean you got tin fetch well you don’t just eat a tin of veg you need something with it potatoes or something

i mean do food people on food banks just eat tin veg you know i’ve got a ton of veg i’ll have that for a meal that’s still a meal so i’ve got one food voucher last week

and we had an issue with getting another food voucher because they wanted me to go to barking hospital to pick up the food virtual and i’m sure you can get food vouchers apart from at one location because hey that would be a daft idea wouldn’t it that you had to go five miles to pick up a food voucher another two miles to fill it and seven miles back would that so initially she was gonna my social worker was gonna post me the food thatcher and i pointed out to her that you know it has been three days since my last food voucher technically run out because they’re only supposed to last three days

and the local food bank is open on a thursday so if you wanted to post it you would have to deal with a guaranteed delivery which would cost by experience about five pound fifty for a food voucher

which would be a pace of month waste of public money since at the meeting they did sort of agree they were going to try and get food vouchers at stara road

and then she sends one of her colleagues around at 8 30 at night to someone with anxiety issues she doesn’t tell you in advance that oh by the way i’m sending someone around i’ll get a knock on the door 8 30 at night that i’m not expecting

for some woman to add me an envelope with my name on it saying oh that’s from mina

i don’t know if everyone in the adult social care team will like this but mina doesn’t seem and i will make no bones about telling you it’s mina she doesn’t seem to know what people have anxiety and depression and asperger’s go through maybe she knows one or the other maybe but she opens her mouth without thinking and there’s a witness to that because in the meeting she said oh no we can probably provide travel vouchers oh can’t provide trouble flashes and in the meeting she said oh we’ll get some food vouchers brought to stale road so it’s a new thing they’re trying to get in place for me and there’s no food vouchers at style road because she had to get one delivered last night so why she opened her mouth without thinking for someone that’s been told not to put any complaints in it’s almost like they’re winding me up

so that’s my rant about this adult social care team so far steve’s fine don’t get me wrong i don’t think they’re all like it because i’ve met a couple of people again that social care team and some people are good meaner though rather not if you don’t mind

um so i don’t know and there’ll be some people saying well if he’s depressed then why is he making youtube videos i’m doing it to catalogue exactly how depressed i am let’s have a look bear with me

let’s look see what fitbit says i’m sure nine hours and 29 minutes i’ve never slept that long unless i was ill nine hours and 29 minutes

and that’s with the cat on my bed as well which normally makes me relaxed and when i’m relaxed i don’t sleep that long and it’s not like i’m going out anywhere to wear the energy out i don’t know anyway depression is a funny thing it’s one of those illnesses like um anxiety that people just don’t see

and most people that i know that have had depression you wouldn’t be able to tell they’ve got depression it’s not the role you’re playing on the outside it’s what you look like in the dressing room

and these assessors from dwp i won’t piss on them if they were on fire i really wouldn’t paper bushes box tickers

they just don’t seem qualified to assess people on any grounds never mind if it’s they won’t be able to assess whether your shoes were worn out oh don’t worry about me i’ll be doing a lot of typing they say yeah i’m sure they’re doing a lot of typing oh mr gibbons is clean dressed well presented yeah and he’s sitting there suicidal depressed anxious noise all around didn’t put any of that down on the assessment did they no he seemed quite calm and not nervous at all i think the assessor put down on my one and i must have mentioned next door four or five times noisy neighbor and i was all anxious and she didn’t put any of that down dwp you need to sort your life at if you’re gonna assess people and take money away from them two weeks now me two weeks

then you need to go by medical opinion not a civil servant or bureaucrat they haven’t got a clue

in as much as i mean civil servants i’ve worked for 10 years fine people back then they had standards which were upheld

but you can’t assess people’s mental health on a 35-minute interview in a noisy office in a strange environment if you are going to assess people you need to go by clinical opinion not bureaucratic opinion okay the people in the assessment centers don’t actually assess you they just write a report on how you are but that’s even worse the people that assess you don’t even see you so in future

i’m not going to an assessment center if dwp want to assess me they can assess me in my own environment here so i feel like i am normally even then and this is part of the reason why i’m doing the youtube videos no one sees me how i am when i’m here by myself

anyone comes in i start acting and it’s the acting for so long when i was working i was acting i was putting a face on and i’d end up in tears in between breaks in between journeys i’d be crying and driving along the road i’d cry when i get home none of that counts to the dwp oh you’re fit for work okay you’re torn up and you know you’re not very well inside but you can do work no i couldn’t it wouldn’t be fair on the people i work with unless you want them to be verbally abused all the time and me to complain all the time and me sacked every few weeks it won’t be fair on the employers or me so dwp change your assessment procedures it’s nonsense the amount of stuff i’ve seen on forums over the last few weeks about you know i could barely walk into the assessment center and they still pass me fit for work really did wp come on if we’re being honest with you you be honest with us use professionals not assessors doctors clinicians those sort of people pay for an assessment if you don’t want people to claim benefits pay for professionals not these paper pushers and box tickers that you’re paying for now which is a waste of time because most of the time you pay these people and i believe the figure something like 80 win on an appeal so there must be something wrong if eight percent are winning on an appeal sort your system out boys you’re making me angry you’re making other people angrier and i do believe that some people commit suicide over this i mean lack of food lack of money you can’t go out because you can’t afford to go out you can’t eat because you’re only getting one food voucher a week because the system in the area is nonsense someone explained to me how are you supposed to travel five miles to a hospital with no money it’s just nonsense and then you’ve got to travel another two miles to the food bank in between two hours so once you get to the hospital you’re on a time limit oh i need a food voucher how long is that going to take you’re going to sit in the queue for two hours and then your food voucher’s gone because you know you’re gonna starve for that day so you go there on a monday get your food voucher too late to get to the food bank you have to come five miles back walking remember and then travel seven miles to the food bank and seven miles back the next day and then do the same two days later nonsense and i’m getting angry about this now i mean not good enough that i personally had to push john crudus to the opposition’s chief whip as a complaint because he doesn’t see his constituents face to face

especially when they ask to be seen he doesn’t even have the courtesy to write back saying oh i’m very busy i’m going to send one of my blah blah blah it doesn’t even do that i’ve contacted quite a few other mps during me hunger strike everyone was pleasant everyone wrote back and acknowledged your email everyone said what they were going to do and what they couldn’t do john crudus doesn’t have any of that send an email to john crudus and see what you get back just a general query because if you get something back and i don’t then he’s picking on the mentally ill but if you don’t get something back and i don’t then he’s just not doing his job well not saying he’s not doing it properly i don’t think he’s doing it well enough to be an mp and if it was up to me i’d have him deselected he’s drifted round here he gets away with anything he wants i’m closing surgeries i’m not seeing people face to face oh i’ll get my office workers to do this oh i’ll do stuff without telling people what i’m going to do he does not even contact you in advance just to confirm exactly what you want i mean i’ve got spurges and i don’t always come across well in an email but john just takes an email gets on with it contacts people and then tells you what you’ve done and in fact it’s taken him 10 years to send me a list of what he’s done because i only ever get responses of the answers to the questions well that’s meaningless without knowing what the questions were that he asked in the first place john so pull your finger out mr crudders go on a customer services training course if you want they only take five days i’m sure you can spare five days john just custom i can come around and help you if you want i’ve done i’ve done customer services for so long i’ll give you some free training it isn’t it awkward it isn’t impossible for anyone to do if i can pick it up you can there’s an offer free training for you john how you should be running on the office how you should be responding to emails what your email should look like how you should contact customers oh it’s more work granted but people will like you more in the area john you’re getting through just because you’re labor not because it’s you

and i’ve noticed your figures are falling down over the last few elections so you want to do something about it you want to be more personable customer focused professional is the word i’m trying to get to

i don’t know i mean i used to like you john but

why don’t you talk to people and then when you do talk to people

you then say oh since you’ve complained to the opposition’s chief whip i have to take advice on how i’ll communicate with you anymore which almost comes across as threatening

i don’t see any apologies

or any acknowledgement that you might have been lacking

you’re just too full of yourself and i genuinely don’t believe that’s how you are but you’re alright talking to the big knobs the council business leaders those sort of people they don’t vote you in john it’s your constituents that vote you in

but then do what you want what are you gonna do take a mentally ill person to call come on john just train yourself get trained i’m not saying your office support people are bad because i think they’re quite good when i’ve spoken to them but that’s my point even just a simple standard acknowledgement automatic you don’t even have to do anything just set it up on your server we have received your email we will review it and contact you in the next three days say that’s all i’m asking about i’m not saying you have to do something straight away but not knowing you’re doing something is worse than knowing you’re ignoring it because you don’t know if you’re ignoring it or if you’re doing something so even just this is what i’ve been saying about bark and dagon council even just an acknowledgement an automatic response to an email which they used to have eight years ago that got turned off even that would be better than what they’ve got at the moment not knowing if anyone’s action in there because they’ve got up to five working days to action a communication the least they could do is say they’ve received it

or otherwise you get done with vexatiousness because you’re constantly asking have you got my complaint on several occasions i had to ring complaints but complaints don’t take phone calls anymore so you can’t even phone complaints to get an acknowledgement of an email that’s a waste of time just put an acknowledgement on the email server anyway i’m not gonna have me right i’m gonna try and find some food in the cupboard because it’s one o’clock in the afternoon i’ve not eaten since about eight o’clock yesterday evening

so thank you for watching speak to you