hello day two i thought i’d do some notes today  because i’ve got a few queries from yesterday umsomething came up on video yesterday  about the gate people seem to be  infused by the gate and telling me  to get on with it and get over it  the gate was just a simple example of how  the council wants to throw public money away  and how they treat me basically my neighbor  has already admitted to the council  and to the police that she removed the  gate without permission this is on record 

 so the council offering to pay for a replacement  gate which would not be recovered from anyone else  is a waste of public funds because as  they have an admission that she removed  the gate without permission they could  easily take my neighbor to kate to call  and not only recover the cost of replacing  the gate but recover the costs of the call  action as well and this would also serve  as a deterrent publicly that the council  will be fair to everyone and not just  the people they choose to take the call  so let’s put the gate aside and work on  the basis that the national audit office  should get involved because the council just  on one example are wasting public funds so  if there’s one example easy how much public money  is being wasted by bargaining that in the council  so move on everyone it’s more than  just a gate that was just an example  also my neighbor has admitted and  witnesses by the council and myself  have witnessed my neighbor criminally damaging  the highway another open and shut case  if they prosecuted but they’re not the  council refused to take my neighbor to call  this is also setting a a poor example if not  a bad example so if they’ve got witnesses  and they had witnesses three and a half years  ago surely they have the duty to protect the  public by prosecuting people that criminally  damage public property that’s day one day two which is a continuation of day one  after the video i shot last night  i was in contact with not only the police  they came out to us about my mental healthum also the mental health team at parkland dagon  council contacted me i spoke to a nice chap  called masood i think and he said he was gonna  contact report back and get the head of service  to contact me tomorrow ie today the head of  service didn’t contact me i had someone from  the mental health team contact me even on full  volume i could barely hear what she was saying  so it was a bit of an awkward conversation  now bear in mind that the mental health  team discharged me about seven eight weeks  ago because they said i was very low risk  and they couldn’t see any point in carrying  on at the time they did say there was like  the richmond fellowship which was quote a  private organization which took donations but  because i’ve got asperger’s that didn’t  come across as a free organization they took  donations i’m on benefits i wasn’t even finalized  benefits at the time so i didn’t go down that road  well they’re trying to get me to go down that road  again except now i’ve been advised they’re a free  organization and if you can afford then you donate  which is not how it was sold to me before anyway  um i’ve asked well i’ve got another  appointment next week and sometime in december  because basically they shut my case several weeks  ago and because of all this they’ve reopened my  case which seems pointless because i’m not telling  them any different to what i’m telling them now  and yet they closed my case seven  weeks ago but now they’ve reopened it  so what has changed i was just as bad  before except then i was on my medication  and i was eating and because i could eat um  it’s like catching you too if you’re well enough  to eat then you’ve not got  a mental health condition  not really the point of a mental health  condition it’s not how you look in my opinion  it’s not if you can shave yourself or wash  or if you smell because that’s all signs of  well symptoms of depression that’s not  mental health not mental illness like  depression um asperger’s autism that’s just an  outward symptom depression is an inward thing  i’ve had it for fifth well 44 years i would  say so i know a little bit about depression  so anxiety another thing it’s all how you perceive  the world personally it’s not how your outward  appearance is it’s not if you’ve got shiny shoes  you’re not depressed or you haven’t got anxiety  or you’re not autistic so i can go outside and  appear presentable but that doesn’t mean i’m not  ill that doesn’t mean i’m fit for work because  i’ll tell you if i went to work i spent 10 years  as a contractor i kept getting sacked out of jobs  every contract and it would be on some drummed up  complaint from the customer about how we’re  speaking to ha ha how are speaking to the customer  um asperger’s communication i wonder could it  be something like i’m not employable really  let’s put it this way when i was working as a  contractor and i was contracting for 10 yearsit wasn’t a healthy thing because i  was always on the edge of never knowing  when they were going to sack me it was always  when they were going to sack me because that’s  the life of a contractor but i always seem to have  short contracts than most subcontractors i know soi think i need helpbut in their infinite wisdom bargain  and again council have offloaded their  corporate responsibility and customer care  and duty to their residents and tenants  to the barking dagnam mental health team  who as i said before they don’t seem to  want to know they keep saying oh you need to  take your medicines mr gibbons you need to  eat mr gibbons um well yeah i can  easily eat that’s not the problem  the problem is people at barclays dagnan council  just do not want to listen i’ve even asked  my mp for a face-to-face but bargaining dagnam  seems to be the home where the democracy has diedum the council do not take scrutiny or do not  take real scrutiny you can ask a few questions  as long as you’re not too obtrusive and you  don’t pry too much and you accept whatever  nonsense answer they give you then they’ll  answer a few questions if they fancy it but if  you know what you’re talking about and you know  there’s something wrong and you want to find  out the real truth they might tell you they’ll  clam up and they’ll put you on a vexatious list  and then they’ll tell you they put you on the  vexatious list and then they’ll start filtering  what questions they answer because if they filled  all your questions out or all your complaints out  then they’d be in problems but no they then choose  what to answer which is their way of defending  their case because well we have answered some  questions from mr gibbons but we haven’t answered  all of them because we think it’s a section 40  or whatever it was vexatious complainant really  okay they need to look up mental health and  asperger’s and see what that does because  hey when i was a kid i was always getting  slapped around the head why is this dad what  happens there dad how do you do this dad slap slap  slap question question question it hasn’t changed  so talking back and council pull your finger out  train your staff because hey i’m always told every  member of staff at bargaining tagline council  has had mental health training and yet whenever  i speak to staff on the front line excuse me have  you had mental health training they make some sort  of a weird noise which i assume to be we haven’t  even been told about mental health training  once i spoke to someone a couple years ago who  had mental wealth training but then she was  a person from this adult social care team who  i spoke to about 5 30 one evening because she  called me out of house because they was worried  about me then or some people were worried about meanyway that’s most of the rant out of the  way so i can’t get into well i can get in  touch with my mp but he refuses to do a face  to face i’ve even offered for him to come  here if he’s not going to surgeries because he  doesn’t as far as i know he’s still not holding  surgeries because he had an attacking one and  so he’s been allowed not to have surgeries hmm  nothing to do with john crudder’s been on the nec  i suppose and he’s been a busy boy no probably not  anyway john if you’re watching this you’re  invited here again as i’ve always asked  face to face come and see the conditions i have  to put up with and then tell me you don’t want  to get involved also this is directly to you  john it’s your responsibility to make sure that  the council fulfill their obligations under the  law if they’re not fulfilling their obligations  you have to refer them the council the corporate  structure as it is never mind about the members  and the officers the council needs to be referred  by you to the secretary of state requesting a  full and thorough investigation into the way that  people with disabilities and mental health issues  are dealt with also as a side as i previously  mentioned john you need to get the investigation  to include how corporate complaints are  handled because i’m telling you now i know  they’re massaging the figures i know people  in the same month and i had a free information  request which they did eventually give me  them figures too that put complaints in  and i know that in the month that at least  two complaints went in myself and someone else  the total number of complaints logged that  month was zero so if i can find those stats  out you can find those stats out and if there’s  zero complaints even though they’re receiving  complaints figures are being manipulated and this  needs a full inquiry in itself because if they’re  massaging figures about complaints  what else is being massaged  it is quite worrying and people’s lives are being  put at risk thank you that’s directly to john  everyone else just have a look  at me notes complacent men minutethat’s about it really um so far day two i’m into  ketosis which basically means the body has got  no end no input of food and it’s burning its own  structure it hasn’t started burning fat properly  that will come in a day or two that’s when  the fat comes a little bit’s gone seven pound  but we’ll carry on now we’ve had no no contact  from the council because no one can this is the  other thing beforehand no one at the council  contact you to tell you what action they are  going to take if you contact them by email  they just contact you if they have taken  any action whereas people with autism  asperger’s even anxiety like me among all threeand in fact good customer service practiceyou contact the customer before you take action  advising what action you’re going to take  you are actually supposed to agree the  action with the customer before you take it  i’ve offered several times now to be  the customer services director for  bargaining bank council unfortunately  i’m not fit enough to do that job now  but they turned me down time and time in fact they  ignored me time and time again and once they did  actually tonytown oh no we don’t need that the  customer services director was merged to four  years ago at parking dagging council and strangely  enough it went into the chief executive’s office  who also doesn’t answer me and i think my emails  are being blocked by him which no democracy death  when you can’t get direct contact with one of the  chief officers of the council and they just blank  you i think that’s also anti-democratic  i’m sure we fought a war about that  some little tin pot dictator i’m sure we’ve told  people you can’t tell people what to do without  giving them a voice i’m sure we’ve done something  like that anyway comments downstairs if you know  what i’m talking about because you know it’s just  back of your mind thing i’ve got a thing um so  let’s just push this forward i’m still not  eating i’m still not taking my medication  i’ve lost seven pound in two days i’m not  trying to lose weight not this way anyway  because in a week’s time things will start  kicking in really bad so let’s see what happens  thank you for watching comment below  subscribe and follow these videos and please  stand up for mental health issues  thank you good night speak to youtomorrowyou