hello and welcome to episode one of my personal diary there were a few test diaries made a few months ago when i first played them but they never made it up to youtube they were just for me and benefit

anyway it’s been a bit of a week um people started noticing after i had my um hunger strike and i going to actual social adult care team or whatever their type is i get so confused in that days

i had a meeting with me on friday which is two days ago from the date of this interview take this film in and they’re going to liaise with the council on my behalf just take the pressure off and strain off also advise me on friday that they think it might be a good idea to look into starting my own business in customer service training which would be fairly simple for me if people would listen to me but hey i have done draining before and i’ve done manuals and handbooks and i’m even gonna do one on youtube when i get some time um so yeah maybe it’s worth looking into i can’t be sitting at home all day but then i’m afraid to go out as well so

very odd maybe i can do an online training company only and never leave the house anyway what else is happening not a lot really um

i am eating normally now but ever since i stopped eating for the week i don’t seem to want to eat so often which is good my resting heart rates come down i spent a lot of time yesterday sorting out

titles and credits to standardize them across the board for all my youtube playlists not channels as such but playlists personal diary democracy which we’ll be investigating how the democrat democratic process in this country works i’ve already got you know and i’ve read part of it the copy of the um local government act

i just need to get copy the freedom information act and start going through that and see what we can do but i believe together if word spreads because i genuinely believe people it’s been a drip drip drip process in this country of rights and freedoms being removed you just haven’t noticed it some people like me have because we remember what it used to be like when used to be able to write a question and get a genuine open answer no so the democracy channel on youtube has got its own instagram twitter and facebook page which is all advertised at the end of this

broadcast all on the end time and credits um then there’s this personal diary channel which i’ve started on my website there’s quite a lot of these channels are also in my website so webhelp.org to uk forward slash wordpress which i will be sorting out later today so you can just put webhelp.org.uk it’s a simple redirect i just haven’t had the time to do it um if you’ve got any comments or suggestions about anything on youtube please either leave them below or have a look at the end titles and email democracy at webhelp.org the uk it’s a separate website or email address just for these websites any comments will be considered and i will respond to you as long as i don’t get overwhelmed by millions of emails like i do normally junk spam all these we’ve got this for you we’ve got that for you i don’t need a phd as they say in friends so i’ll keep this one short thank you for watching please like and subscribe or don’t like every little helps if you don’t like it please leave a comment as to why you don’t like it if you do like it leave a comment as to what you liked about it and what you want to see in future videos both on this diary and moreover the democracy series of broadcasts thank you and i’ll speak to you again