Hello and yes, not the final episode. Things have changed. I will update you on more of the changes tomorrow. But I’m a bit. ****** *** to tell you the truth. People have used me all my life. They’ve run to me for help. For someone to talk with to cry with.

And yet when I need someone, they suddenly become busy or disappear. So I’ve had to block 3. People I thought were friends yesterday. Later, obviously, because she never makes time for me. She says she’ll call you and she won’t. Sasha sadly cause I know what she’s going through. Because I’m always there for her, but when I. Need to talk? No response and the same with Christina. She needs when she needs someone to talk to because she’s being attacked or whatever. She turned to me. And you can all **** yourselves. As far as I’m concerned, you’re in the selfish category. Later, your bags are packed. I’ve got 3 bags here. Come down and pick them up whenever you can. Set up with people using me. I’ve been used and scammed for years now. I’ve tried to buy. My way into peoples. Minds, I suppose. And it just I just get used and scammed. I’m not putting up with anymore. You can’t give me time. I can’t give you time. That’s how it’s going to work from now on. I’m not going to keep giving my time and not getting anything in return for it. So you gonna go kill yourselves? Go do it. I don’t give a ****. Sorry to be heartless like that, but I’m fed up. I’m not exactly going through enough a good time, but no one asks me how I am no. One sits down. And talks with me. When I need to talk, there’s no one there. But they always turned to me. Not anymore. If you’re not happy with your life, do something about it. Or end it. Don’t ******* come to me anymore. I’ve had enough. There will be another diary entry. This is only a brief one. There will be another diary entry tomorrow. A better diary entry. I’ve got better friends on POF live streaming. Then I’ve had in person for years. Even when I was back in my 20s, I was only befriended because I was the one that couldn’t drink. So I used to drive people around all the time. I even chucked people out and suicide bridge near Archway because they wouldn’t ******* be quiet when I was trying to get home. Falcom is my answer. Thank you very much.