And welcome back to another diary entry. My name is Bill Gibbons. As you can see down in the corner. Got that right. It’s a bit. Interspaced the entries are making currently because.

Well, a few days ago. Freedom Information request regarding communications from. The chief executive. Came through and as part of that communication. I discovered my local councillor alleged that I’ve been stalking her. Well, I’ve put a formal complaint in to the local government monitoring officer and asked for that to be publicly withdrawn and expunged from my record. And for an apology to be made. You know, they won’t take my word, but I’m housebound. They shouldn’t take her word. There was allegedly outside her home. I don’t even know where she lives. She states she’s not in the world, that she’s. Support him. I don’t know where she comes from. I’m not really interested, I’m more interested in. Her putting her mobile number on the website, which she still hasn’t done yet. Every time I ask her, she says it’s available on the website. She doesn’t even bother looking or checking she’s had her home address removed, apparently. But for the last three years, she’s had the right to have it removed anyway, she. Doesn’t have to wait for a. Allegation about stalking she could just contact the Council and say, can you have it removed for personal reason? Rishi Sunak issued that statement. So I don’t know. I know more about. Politics and cheaters, apparently. Which is funny because at one stage I want to become a local councillor. But I couldn’t take all the ******** from local authorities. But there we are. How have I been? UM mental health minus 3.5, I would say. It’s calmed down a little. I’m still very angry and very upset that people refuse to talk directly to me. As part of the I’ll show you. As part of the. Freedom information copies of data. Uhm, I found out that it wasn’t the chief exec after all that put me on a single point of contact. Because I’ve got all the emails about the chief exec and a single point of contact was notified to him by Sharon Alan Cabey. So I’m assuming. Since I’m going to put another FOI in about my housing record. Because they wouldn’t. Fulfil it last year. Let’s see if they fulfil it this year. Because that will tell me exactly what housing have been saying about me and without knowing what people are telling me or talking about me. Alleging that I’ve been rude and abusive. Well, I am sorry if I’m rude, but. When you’ve had as much boat ship from Waltham Forest Council that I’ve got and had over the last three years, the new Tri staying car. Like I said to Kimberly yesterday via e-mail, the chief executives assistant. Since people were entitled to copies of correspondence in their name, why don’t they just copy them in automatically so people can see the chitchat going about them? And then people like myself wouldn’t get frustrated because no one’s actually talking to them. I’ve read. I’ve read all this or I’ve read most of this. Up until about there. Unknown to me, the good, hopeful law of chatter coming from the chief execs office. And he was gain assurances that people were communicating with me. And others said to Kimberly in my e-mail yesterday. That’s where it’s. All falling down, he’s got assurances that they are talking to me, but no ones checked to see if they are actually talking with me. Like I keep saying I am autistic. I prefer a phone call. If there’s restrictions that have been in place because of my mental health, then you are supposed to make reasonable adjustments. A reasonable adjustment is not restricting my access to services. A reasonable adjustment is calling me from non private withheld numbers. So I’ve copied in the Housing Ombudsman on that. And as I said to you, Mary, yesterday, if I was just copied in on most of the communications that was coming out of the chief exec. Then not only would I have been more calm last year and my mental health would have improved severely because these things were happening, I would have been less rude. Less anxious in sending so many emails because I could see that things were happening. I really don’t understand. The person being talked about is not copied in into the correspondence. I don’t understand that. It should be. A matter of good customer practise, good customer service. Without any training, they do what they want more from Forest Council. So I’ll publicly apologise to. The chief exec, Martin Ethan. Because I accused him of putting me under single point of contact. But then again, Martin. If I hadn’t had a struggle to get communication from the Council and had to do it via an FOI. And I wouldn’t have made allegations about you. In the first place. Who I asked for is to. Be informed, kept in the loop, that’s all. I asked for. As for your Council and your colleagues getting shirty, I still want an investigation for racial discrimination into housing. It’s not good enough that. It’s not logged, and so people aren’t suspended. There should be a full and Frank investigation. But there we are. That’s the first bit then. So I’ll do an FYI for my housing record again because I think housing have been told off by someone because they’re being so compliant lately.

Proves that I was right.

About the fire escapes and the fire doors. Although they seem to have missed. One of the fire. Doors, which I will be putting in again. Because I only mentioned one person in the block, there was at least two and I asked for all. The $5 to be. Checked because I only know about two being tampered with, I don’t know what. Condition. The others are in. And I was right, couldn’t it smokes him? So I’m not making this stuff up. Anyway, what else is happening? After the last two weeks of cleaning. Leah came round at the weekend. Properly cleaned the bathroom. Which is now. Clean and shiny. It’s shinier now, because I suddenly discovered that if you want to make tiles shine, use window cleaner on them. And Polish them to a nice Immaculate shine. So as part. Of this week’s cleaning regime, I will. Steam the bath. And clean the tiles properly and then clean them again with window cleaner. I almost missed me monthly period this thing. This morning. It was only because I was sitting at laptop. So well was pharmacy. Pull up and walking back from my flat. And then suddenly I turned the intercom off overnight because I still get. A drunk neighbour. Who does cannabis ringing? Me at 3:00 or or one or two in the morning. Because he can’t find his keys. Which tends to suggest these lefties door unlock. And he’s only using the outside door. Can’t complain about these people because hey walks on forest council, as far as I know, I’m racist. I yet stand to be. Sway that it’s not racism. I’m willing to see the evidence that they’re treating everyone the same as me. But unless they can submit the evidence, then I can only assume that they are being racist and I want a proper investigation. The police investigation is still going on apart from the. Equality Act breach only calling from private numbers, restricting access to their service. It’s such a struggle when you like me and people call from private numbers and you can’t get communications. Back from people. And it’s not fair. Legally, it’s wrong, and morally it’s wrong. Why are public people using private numbers if? The name itself. A public organisation? Why do they use private numbers? I think the private number and withheld number service should be withdrawn. Banned. No one should be able to withhold their number and then move on level 14. And there is no excuse for. The excuses I’ve been given over the last few years, mainly falling to the well we call people at work, and it can be embarrassing as police are calling you at work. Yeah, but if it’s not a withheld number. I mean the first thing. People will do if they see it with their number after you got off. The phone is ohh. Who was that then? So it’s not really a privacy issue, whereas if the police and other organisations used a disclosed number, you could add the disclosed number into your address book. And put it down as Auntie Vic or Steve or Bob or anyone, and no one will have second guess about whoever it was. So it’s more private to have a public number. So that ******** doesn’t mush, does it? Boys and girls? No. Anyway, hello, tabs. I’ve got my little monster that here. I’m gonna try and. Take it easy this week, cause it’s been stressful in the. Last few weeks I’m still OK now. I’m paying someone to come round and look after me. Then at least I’m clearing the rubbish, but I still want an answer as to why the Council thinks. That people in my position. Should have to pay to have their rubbish removed. Would like an answer to that. But to learn, I am going to love you and leave you. Don’t play with my cat. And I shall speak to you again soon.