atheism is not belief in existence of god it’s precisely the opposite it’s the knowledge that you know there is no good for as we atheists say belief implies the non-existence of something for if existence relied on faith and not empirical evidence then there can be nothing to exist i’m not saying that everyone who has faith in a deity is wrong you can believe anything you want so long as that also allows for the belief in the tooth fairy santa claus pixies and the non-existence of god you see unless all beliefs are allowed then none can exist religions have existed for thousands of years and this in my mind is the evidence which explains why there is no good for we humans try to explain things we see just look at a group of infants still learning about the world until the world is explained to them they make up their own stories to try

and explain things around them just look at the tv show from the 80s called child’s play i’ve added a link to that show below there is another youtube channel called dark matter 25 25 which has lots of comical thought-provoking stories including ones relating relating to god comedy aside the videos about atheism and god do lend a pause for thought it does ask a lot of questions which people in kind society do not dare to ask personally i’ve never had a faith i always had to have evidence for something and for that to be repeatable maybe it’s something to do with my spurgeous syndrome i just find it hard to have faith in anything which demands you do not seek evidence of their existence for that denies faith rules are actually built into the stories to enforce this strange system if i were god then all other ones i would want people to know everything and for my existence to be proven from time to time which would encourage people to do what you say they should do if you take religion away and tell people about god nowadays with no historical context not many people would believe you it may still make a good movie or two but that would be it if you examine the writings of most religions it comes across as known more than trying to explain stuff around them without any knowledge but taking a good guess and creating a story around it to pass the knowledge on

anyway the choice is still yours i have my thoughts and you have yours thanks for watching please like subscribe and share you