Hello and welcome to another diary entry. My name’s Bill Gibbons. What can I? Say the morning after the night before. Apparently Mary’s had a phone call from someone in the mental health team. Called from a non private number or called from a private number rather.

Mary had a right guy at them for that cause. I think she’s sick of me repeating myself. I can’t take calls from private number. Not. I won’t. I can’t. She had a guardian for not doing their job properly. She had to go out about racism in the Council. It’s not being investigated. She’s had a go about autism not being appreciated and taken care of. She had a right. She had basically a worse go than I had yesterday on the video. Mental health is still minus 5. I can’t see. Any way out of it this time? I tried my best to talk to the Council and they’re just arrogant. And treat you like fools unless you’re black. Or more precisely, unless you are non white. But preferred skin colour to Waltham Forest Council is black. And if you don’t like me saying that sort of stuff. Take me to court investigate Waltham Forest Council and prove me wrong. I’m quite willing to back down and say, Oh no, they’re not racist. It’s just accidental to me. But quite frankly, it’s racism. Because it’s a white bloke saying that black officers are being racist. They don’t investigate it. Sorry, that in itself is racism. Do you not get this racism in its? Intrinsic form it’s not someone throwing a brick through someone’s window because they’ve got different skin colour. It’s people treating you differently because you’ve got different skin colour. But differently that they can prove that it isn’t. But really it is. They’re just covering their backs. I I need a police investigation into the Council. Waltham Forest Council immediately. I need a parliamentary investigation into Waltham Forest Council housing practises. There are some really wrong things going on in Waltham Forest Council. And it needs a thorough investigation and then it needs to be expanded to all councils. The system needs to be cleaned up. I’ve got no way out of this until someone can get the Council. To come clean. About me being treated differently because I’ve got autism. About me being placed unofficially on the unreasonable behaviour policy. About the chief executive probably signing off sending me a Spock. Knowing that I would not accept it. About complaints not actually dealing with complaints about complaints not being registered. And like I say, it’s not just Waltham Forest Council, but that’s the one affecting me, so I’m going for them. I don’t want to talk to people and hear, oh, you shouldn’t be going through this, miss Gibbons. I ******* know I shouldn’t be going through this. But no one will pull their ******* finger out and do something about it. I don’t want platitudes. And commiserations and deepest sympathies. I need the system to work. I need a proper investigation of housing and Waltham Forest in general. Because I tell you, it’s not just racism. It’s not just inequalities. Oh yeah, they’ve probably got token disabled people amongst their staff. But how did they treat members of the public with autism? How do they treat people that have become housebound appallingly? My GP doesn’t even believe in housebound. So, quite frankly, if you want to call me, you can call me to tell me that you’re doing something and you’re going to an instigate an investigation. If you don’t want to ******* investigate Waltham Forest Council, **** ***. I don’t want to know. The police need to get involved. Solicitors need to be instructed to investigate all their paperwork. I would go so far as to close down Waltham Forest Council, transfer all their services temporarily. To a third party. So you can do a proper investigation. I know people are saying you’re unrealistic, but I moved here three years ago to a block of one bedroom flats. Technically, there shouldn’t be any families here. They moved two families in after I moved here. So you do the maths. Two of these families should be moved out. They’re troublemakers. One’s been breaching the fire regulations by tampering with the fire door and nothing’s been done. She’s broken her tenancy. But no, they leave walks from Forest council leave. Tenants like them in this building, overcrowding, breaking the law. And I’m autistic not doing anything wrong and they start having a go at me. Well, **** you. Well, from for this Council, you’re not goanna bully or intimidate me anymore. You’ve pushed me to minus five. You’re not pushing me any further. **** your transfers that you never ******* do anything about. **** your housing. Because you don’t talk to people correctly and you’re not trained in either autism or customer service. And **** your chief exec and senior directors for not replying to my pleas last March and treating me like an idiot and putting me on a Spock. I say once again. Someone out there needs to sit up and do something, not give me platitudes. I don’t want to hear from mental health. Saying no, you shouldn’t be going through this, Mr Gibbons. I don’t want the police coming round. Apologising and raising Merlin’s left, right and centre. I don’t want any of that. I want a formal investigation and police action taken against senior directors of Waltham Forest Council. End of thank you very much. Speak to you later.