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24 May 2020

good afternoon sunday the 24th of may 2020 20 past four in the afternoon um hopefully you can see...

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18 June 2020

hello it’s the 18th of june at five to four in the afternoon i’ve just uploaded three...

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21 Mar 2020

hello march the 21st 2020 coming up to 5pm i’ve not been out the flat since wednesday...

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26 May 2020

hello good afternoon it’s sunday the 25th of may oh sorry monday 25th may see days of the...

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1 Jan 2020

hello and happy new year it’s january 1st 1pm i’ve got merlin here for the first time...

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30 June 2020

hello it’s 4 p.m on the 30th of june 2020. this i think is diary entry 58. i’m hoping...

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22 Mar 2020

hello march the 22nd 2020 this is tabs the time is coming up to seven o’clock in the evening...

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27 May 2020

27 May 2020 – The One With The Iceland Delivery! good afternoon it’s the 27th of may...

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2 Jan 2020

hello january 2nd 12 15 in the afternoon well i woke up to another bad morning i’m living...

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3 October 2020

hello the 3rd of october 2020 and it’s coming up to quarter to 10 at night it’s been a...

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2 May 2020

hello it’s may the 2nd if i read the date right saturday may 2nd 11 35 a.m um it’s not...

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28 May 2020

good afternoon 28th of may 2020 1740 well my estimate of between 10 and 11 o’clock this...

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10 October 2020

hello 10 minute diary entry that’s the time and date i’ve made the format on that a...

The Elves & The Shoemaker

the elves and the shoemaker a shoemaker by no fault of his own had become so poor that at last he...

Religion & Deities

atheism is not belief in existence of god it’s precisely the opposite it’s the...

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