Hello this is the 4th time I’m trying this but there we are. Good afternoon and welcome back to my gallery. Which is now no. Longer personally. Nice. But changed the thumbnails on the playlist on the new channel.

Please remember Billy Gibbons dot main forward slash YouTube for my new channel. I’ve also got dot me forward Slash Facebook and Billy Gibbons dot me forward Slash Twitter. And in just really giving the main my new website which is slowly getting there, I finally finished my diary entries. They should all be up to vote, please. Let me know. If you come across one that’s missing or there’s no. They should all be subtitled by now. Anyway, I’m doing this for the 4th time because I keep messing about with the sound and I think I’ve finally got the sound working, so we’ll see what goes on. Which reminds me, I can take the. They can come. Out because that don’t work. The control room feed doesn’t work, so I’m on the two track feed, which does seem to be working. So I’ll put that back down here. Not much happening. Moving forward, Council, they’re still ******* up. Ask them on the latest one, along with the local government on warning officer who doesn’t know how to do his job properly or you know. All allegations means he’s a serious and you can you have to explain simple stuff. To him. So I’m. Not gonna try and I’ll leave it up to. The local government ombudsman. The full title. Local government Social Care Ombudsman or the social care? Aspect seems to be dealt. With by the Housing Ombudsman lately. If only they were matched, it would be. Simpler for everyone. What else is going on? Red rugs in the living room and in the bedroom. Nice, good quality Rakes, not the. Cheap stuff I bought out of. 2K Max. This doesn’t need washing and just Hoover it with a brush, which I’ve done this morning after letting it acclimate time. Who? I heard somewhere a few years ago where you’re supposed to leave and to adjust to you here humidity and temperature. So the Asian. It’s right and it doesn’t lose too much so. I did that. And we were up nice this morning. The cat seemed like him. And the grass for the cats, by the way. Nice big trail grass. Another couple of weeks I reckon, and I can put more soil in because it’s only about an inch and a half deep. And I want it up to the top so it’s a nice deep train and then hopefully that grass will be asked about and sort of two or three weeks that the. Cat grass normally like. The earth is happening. My mental health is minus 3.5. Many thanks to Lita, Mary and Jill, my cousin. Oh, ancestor of course. Oh, what else is happening? My website. Is getting there. I’ll change the template which makes more sense. I need to change the. Output onto mobile phones because it’s a bit too wide screen at the moment, so I’ll have a look at how I can change that. There’s no rushie seats up and running, and I’m adding bits to it. So I’m not going to put all. The stuff that was. On the old website on it. It’s all going up in a video format. Which is hosted via YouTube. So and they’re putting links into YouTube. What what would happen in the moment? Exercise bike coming this week. A foldable 1 so I can put it. In the corner over there, which I’ve cleared. Out now, Casper’s little. Box that I bought the book. My victim, which he destroyed, has gone. Along with the laundry basket, which chunks overcast destroyed. And I’ve also got a a cat biscuit dispenser which seems. To be keeping them all happy at the moment. So, so far so good with any luck. You can hear the sound of this now. I’m getting feedback on the levels down here, so I’m not clipping, but I haven’t seen some sort of sitting over here. So we’ll see. Anyway, thank you for. Watching. Please don’t. Forget to move to my new YouTube channel, Billy, given Dot me forward Slash YouTube, subscribe there all my videos are going up there in a. The playlists are going to get numbered, thankful, listed in order thanks to renaming them as a transfer them across. So we’re in a serialised chronological. And a plugin in Chrome which sorts your playlist for you, so we’re all going up in date order, at least for the diary. The reviews? Not so much. But they’ve been transferred over as well. I just need to make them public subtitles and put cards on. So that’s a bit by bit job. Anyway, thank you for watching. And hopefully I’ll speak to you again soon.