hello again personal diary i’ve lost tracker’s day i think it’s the 4th of november well that agreement didn’t last longer i agreed to come off my anger strike and not to write any more emails and social adult care team agreed to looking into repairs deal with me instead of the council only instead of me dealing with the council and to get some food vouchers

but we’re looking into the repairs okay but i’ve told them there’s no point because hey citizens advice are looking into it and nothing’s going to get done until their survey comes around

dealing with me instead of the council well i’ve just had my carer have a reply back from corporate complaints saying they’re not going to look into a complaint now normally when they don’t investigate my complaint they say there’s been no harm well i’ve been harmed and she’s my carer and i’m registered at the council as my carer and she can act on my behalf and they’ve turned her down because this has gone beyond the complaint now

so who’s it gone beyond the complaint with i’m just so fed up with the council man even steve because you know one day he lasted with these promises one day so this is exactly the attitude that put me on hunger strike in the first place do i need to go back on a hunger strike do i need to restart my series i may as well be this is the iron this is the irony i may as well be on hunger strike because with no food vouchers there’s no food anyway so i’m not on anger strike but there’s not much food left hey her well i’ll keep you updated thank you