And welcome to another diary entry. How many is he gonna make this year? It’s incredible. No reply back after 10 days of the waste management team.

So I’ve put a formal complaint in and passed it up to the Ogo. I think they can, you know, basically contact them now because their ten days is up. They don’t need 12 weeks. 10 days is up, the response is clear. Nothing else has been happening today really. I haven’t cleaned the place yet. I’m going to have to give it quick over tomorrow. I can’t mop the floors unless it’s sunny tomorrow. Because this place is freezing and the floors wouldn’t dry. Reason it’s freezing. He’s got 20-5 bags of rubbish in the bathroom. For that which is opened all the time. I just want a shower. I’m going to have to sit down and order some food in a moment. I’m going to try going gluten and dairy free. To see if that improves my skin and my sinuses. I did want to try gluten free. A few years ago, but it was just too expensive. But I suppose. I’m constantly tired because I’m not eating properly, although I did make a spaghetti Bolognese day. You know mince jar sauce, you know, put it in the frying pan. You know, it’s like being done toast to me, really. I’ve managed to get the second. For some reason the second screen is now working. Don’t understand it. Couldn’t get it working yesterday. And instead of putting it away, I forward tie. It all up. So now I’ve got the scanner underneath. But the wires are up here, so if I need to scan it, just lift scanner up, plug it all in. That reminds me, I need to put the software. That’s going to be fun. I wonder if Windows will see it without all the funny software it used to use. I don’t know. I’ll try it a moment tomorrow. I’m not doing it now. Still got my sound card on all day. That should be here. In the next week or two. My mouth feels like a *******. I feel like I’m writing. I’ve just translated and published 2 episodes because I didn’t get around to doing any of them today, so I did two of them today. Nothing took full to for the weekend again, really. I don’t know what game. I spoke to Chris, though I had. I had to speak to him because. You know, otherwise he’ll get the message and his managers will get the message that I’m having to go at him. I’m not having a go at Chris. He’s working. He’s doing his best that he can with the tools that he’s given, the tools are broken. I actually spoke to someone this morning about why they use. Private numbers, and apparently the story is they use it for privacy. So that I think it was the mental health team. Or someone in that department. The story goes. That when they call people at work, it comes up private rather than number. Oh, surely if it was on a private number. And they was expecting your call. Couldn’t they add you into their contacts book as? Aunt Jane or uncle Fred. And then no one even knows the mental health team calling and apart from which wise their stigma about the mental health. Team calling you. Come on. Get over it, boys and girls. Privacy is not an excuse for restricting access to services. For the disabled people. And that’s what private calls. And we’ve held numbers, do you withdrawing services to people like myself? That’s why I’ve. Had a problem for 10-12 years. Maybe longer, because it goes back. To rid me, X used to call me after we were divorced and harassed me. That’s why I don’t take private calls. And that’s why I don’t have medical services or I mean my dentist will call me on a non private number. What’s that about? But my GP won’t. Or the mental health people knowing it gives me anxiety. No, I’m sorry, boys and girls, it’s gonna have to change. Using excuses to use private numbers is no good. The woman this morning said, well, Barclays used his private numbers with their private organisations. They can do what they want. But public bodies should use public number. It’s a public organisation. If people embarrassed by receiving calls from the mental health service. Don’t use the mental health service. You’re not ready for it. I can give you the logic behind it if you want put comments in below and I’ll give you good logic on the other channel on my thoughts and beliefs playlist. I’m gradually going through. My YouTube channel from the playlists that I’ve created, so it’s no longer going to be called. It is just Billy Gibbons. Because it now encompasses personal diary, political comments, product reviews, all sorts of things, and I’ve got playlists for each of those. So I’m just working on the branding. I’ve got the little circle thing done. I’ve just got to workout the branding for the TV and the web page, so that’s going to happen over the weekend. Hopefully I’ve downloaded the templates. All I’ve got to do is put the template into PowerPoint. Then paste over the top of it my branding. Delete the other picture and oh, it sounds more complicated than the actually is. Tops it down here. It’s nearly 9:00, o’clock, and no one’s asking for food. I’m going to feed the boys at the moment. I think it didn’t help and they got a late breakfast this morning. I think half ten, I think. And that’s tabs open. Little play behind me. Where you playing with tabs? Oh, he’s chasing the duck. Do you see? The dots behind me, he’s chasing them. On the floor. I bought them four tabs. But I just think it makes the background look lovely, so I’ve put them on the back of this and it just breaks up and not only. But I’m afraid it does mean that. We get noise from taps coming and going. I’m going to keep this short because I’m the one that has to write through all the subtitles, so I’m going to let YouTube do its business and publish this tomorrow after I’ve done all the subtitles. Thank you for watching and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.