And welcome back. This is the fifth time I think now I’ve tried this. The date keeps moving, the time keeps moving. What is it with OPS?

It’s just like. Naughty first thing in the morning. Instead of calling the obvious, I should. Call it gasping. Shouldn’t like Casper? He’s a good boy down here today though. You watch your tub on the bloody cable in. A moment having said that. Like you just did. Come on up. You can come and sit up here. That’s why I’ve got the chair next to me. So OK, speak. Can sit next to me. Happy Mother’s Day. I don’t have one. I have never had one to say that to him. So Happy Mother’s Day to whoever’s watching. My mum died when I was sick, so mothering Sunday is always a bad day for me, especially when I’m trapped inside and I can’t visit her grave. I went on my I I. Did a YouTube video yesterday a diary entry yesterday. And I’ve had to delete it because I played it. Back and there was no sound in it. I have tested this morning and there is sound on the current settings so I’m leaving them well be. I’ve packed up all leather stuff and put that in carrier bags so she can pick that up whenever she wants. I’m fed up with their lies. That’s the one thing that I don’t like about her. She won’t be truthful. She called me on Friday. Eventually on a video call. And it was under the covers of a bet. You could see it was under the covers of a bed. And I had twice asked her to put the light on because what’s the point in the video call if you can’t see anything? And she refused. Lock, delete everything. She wouldn’t even give me a reason why she wouldn’t. Not good enough so she can come and pick her stuff up whenever she wants. I’m fed up of surrounded by liars. Well, one is honesty. That’s all I ask people. If you can’t be honest, you can **** ***. Mothering son is always a bad one for me. Full of happy families around me and children playing and. Mothers posting on Instagram and Facebook and all sorts of things. And I hate it. I can’t even visit my mum’s grave. It’s too far for me to go to now because of COVID and public transport situation. I can’t use public transport all by myself. Even a company that can’t. Last time I used public transport I I had to take. Is it calms tablets? Something to you know. Relax me. I couldn’t do it without drugs. And now I’m trapped in a smelly flat with 30 odd bags of rubbish, but no one seems to give a monkey the bat. And I tried the COVID test thing online yesterday because I was speaking to Mary and she kept saying no, get one delivered to your home. I’ve tried both mine. GP1 only goes to the local walking centre, no option for a home visit. And the national one gives you a choice of anyone in the country. Again, no choice of a home visit. And as my GP knows, I’m housebound. He doesn’t believe me, but he has been told. Not only by me, but by my. Neurology consultant at Queens Hospital. He doesn’t believe me. He doesn’t even believe her. So lucky keep saying, since about April last year, I’ve had no medical assistants. I’ve had no dental assistants. No support apart from mouth. Who? You know, like, I keep saying to Neft. You know, you might as well take me off your books, because until the Council can sort out stuff. My mental health is not going to improve. You’re beating your head against the wall. I mean, it’s nice of them to be there for me and to offer assistance on that, but like I keep saying to them and the police, it’s not their job, it is the Council’s job at the end of the day. I just had a weird phone call from Sweden or Finland or something a moment ago. Not sure what that’s about. Next weekend, the census day. So I’ve got me. Code and that already here so I’ll fill it in next weekend. Probably about 6:00 PM. Look at everything. Sorry, not that anything. ‘S going to change in all that time. I think I’m still gonna have rubbish come Christmas. No one gives a ****. The more I get ignored, the more. Depressed I get. Having stopped talking to me three months ago and wouldn’t give me a reason. I think it’s because housing ombudsman have contacted them. They are mistreating me. They are mishandling me. They’re not supposed to do this. They know all this. Can’t speak, just. Losing his mind, I don’t know if you can see him. It’s just down there. It was down there. You’ve got on the floor now, but I don’t. Mind you know. Playing is good. I play with them myself sometimes. But that’s what that’s. Based to be there for see. I’ll move over and you can say. Tabs and Casby plane on the cat tree, which is. Why I’ve got it? It’s lasting longer than. I thought it would. I’ve got that from. When did I get that for you? It was before Christmas, weren’t it? About four or five months ago. Might be longer. You’d be able to tell, cause it’d be on the camera. Ohh boys and girls. I might go. I did 3 hours on karaoke last night on plenty of fish. I had about 22 viewers. And not one bit of abuse that makes change for me. Ohh, don’t get 22 views out of my 25 subscribers on YouTube. So I might go online in a moment and do that. I’ve got put noodle in there, probably for dinner. I can’t remember what I’m going to have. Dinner. Really. It’ll probably end up being put nodu. When you can’t live normally. Your thought processes breakdown and don’t plan because every day is the same. I’m getting fed up with this life. And criminals surround me. And I don’t know what to do. I was supposed to have had a phone call back from the police on Friday night. Didn’t get that. I. Didn’t get a. Call back yesterday. I won’t get a call back today probably. They really don’t know how to handle something. The burgers. If they say they’re gonna call back on Friday, they call back on. I stayed up to about half 2-3 o’clock waiting for a call. I forced my I was having coffee at night to force myself to stay awake, and I still fell asleep. I am fed up with this. If you work for me, cats, I’ll just stop eating. It’s the only way I can think of killing myself. It’s only the cats that I’ll worry about. There’s no point worrying about me because no one else ******* does so. Why should I? Oh, I don’t know. Let’s hope the sound works on this one. I’m going to cut it short because I can’t *******. Be ***** anymore? I’ll carry on doing these videos because it’s someone to talk to, even though no one watches these things. I’m talking to a piece of plastic with a plastic lens. And a blue light. Doing then I’ll speak to you tomorrow.