Hello and thank you for coming back. This is my weekend diary entry. I put one up earlier today for Friday. I think it was.

It’s taking a couple of days now to put these up. I can do one quickly in 20 minutes. But I’m trying to get, you know, subtitles on most of these games forward. Just in case my Polish and Russian friends actually want to watch this and some of the people who I’ve known over the years, I think they subscribe and watch and they’re not all from Britain. So I tried to put as many some. I’ve even started. Yes, Alan Welsh subtitles. They started a couple of days ago.

Even though I’m not going to get.

Into it, but it’s not real language. Not anymore. I mean, it’s not a primary language in any country. It’s not really used outside of whales. You know you don’t get it taught in England. I mean, you can, but it’s not taught in English schools and an option it’s not taught in any other. Rules as an option, apart from ones in wows. I generally believe it’s thus being kept alive for tourism, but that’s an aside. Thank you for watching, Alan. Anyway, what’s been going on today? Started a video I’m I’m doing it on the video edit. I’ve done the intro and the outro. Now I’ve got to split that and then put a video in the middle because it’s about. What 100 black people think white people are appearing at based on a video from the cut, a channel on YouTube. It’s included in that once it’s uploaded and I’ve got. Then I’ll put a link to the video in that video description. It’s taken a while to get right. I’ve must have had about 8:00 or 9 attempts at it because the video was poor quality and. I’m on 30 frames per second and that’s 1080P60 frames a second, so I’ve had to render it down into 3720. It’s been a mayor, it really is. And I think the easiest way of doing it is to actually do the intro and outro and splice their video in the middle. We’ll find out tomorrow when I complete that. More bags of rubbish up this weekend, probably about 2728. Now I reckon I’m lost. I’ve lost camp. Oh, I’ve moved it all around. Again, the scanner is now permanently on the table over in the corner. Here the monitor is here. And the laptop is here with the camera above it. And I’ve offset the. I’ve managed to do the camera so the camera gets mean focus. And the light is a little bit behind the camera, so it’s not glaring on me. So it should be better skin tone. And it should be. Better exposed as. I think the sound in the picture on the last two or three have been pretty good in my opinion. I’ve played, I’ve played back on my phone and my TV’s and they look and sound OK on those, so I’m hoping that your game decent quality. Mental health of minus five steel, which just to remind you on my minus five to plus five scale is either suicide or minus five is either suicide or thinking about. Life not being worth living. All the time. And that is how I am and I have been for several weeks now, apart from one moment where I was minus 4.5 whoopee Doo minus 4.5. The external sound card is still longer. I had to redo. I was testing the sound on this laptop after I moved it all around. I was testing the sound on the. Laptop because it was all. Hissy to one of a better phrase, and it turned out the USB sound card needs to be plugged directly into the USB port, not via an external hub. Otherwise you get data loss in the USB data. As soon as I plugged into the laptop directly, so it’s sound that and I’ve got the microphone off the table and not touching other cables and not touching the wall because it is so sensitive. This microphone I have to sit back. So the microphone picks me up. Clearly. I keep looking over here because. And now I’ve got the picture flipped, haven’t I? Yes. Here and here. Right. OK, the pictures are going to look flipped, right? Don’t worry about that. It’s just the way the camera picks it up. I will flip it for the next one. I’ll trust this one so many times. I will flip it, but horizontally. For the next video. I had gluten free pizza today. Rather liked it.

It’s odd though, because that scene.

I don’t understand if that’s looking at me. Why is everything in the background reversed? Cause that is.

On the wrong side. OK.

Wait among people because this is this is confusing me. Let me just do this.

No I want. Oh, how did I do it before then?

Oh, I know I had a philtre on it, didn’t I? Right. I’m going to flip that now because it’s confusing living daylights out of me.

I’m going to apply. Scaling aspect range and crop. Ohh I don’t know how I did it now. What if we’re doing?

Ohh I don’t know.

All right, nothing.

I’ll have to look at it tomorrow. I can’t workout how I’ve.

Done it there.

I’m sure I’ll put a video that’s an effect.

Invert plan a noise noise limiter. I don’t know how I’ve. Done it now.

Anyway, also tomorrow. No, not really happening. I’m warm at last. I think that’s because I mean better. I feel a bit more healthy because I’m not eating the junk I was eating. I’ve noticed the gluten and dairy free stuff is harder to eat. But once you’ve eaten it, you feel full up, but not for as long. It’s weird. This is only after two days, so I’ll give you a full readout. On what I find after a week or so. But it is weird so far. Warning out there, I did an Amazon shop yesterday. I had to get 2 redeliveries because bits were missing all time. Cheque your Amazon fresh and Amazon grocery deliveries. Because I’m not sure if something’s happening with delivery people. Because I even had to have a refund after the secondary delivery because there were still bits missing and they were out of stock by the time I asked for it to be redelivered. So I might avoid Amazon for groceries unless it’s bulk like bulk milk or bulk porridge and things like that. Because I’ve always assumed that once you get. An item you get all of it or nothing, which is generally what happened with Amazon. But that is a bit concerning because I’ve had this funny feeling. During the period where I was really, really, really at one, I couldn’t concentrate even on getting out of bed. When I had deliveries from Amazon and food deliveries, it always seemed to be less than what I ordered. That was just a feeling. I don’t know if it’s true or what. Anyway, I’m going to try next the Co-op, because although it’s £2.00 of delivery, you get a nice choice. It’s well delivered and you get it same day. You can get food delivery slots within a few hours normally, which is excellent service. And you know, if I was going out to buy it for Co-op, I’d be paying more than that and bus fare to. Come back because I probably wouldn’t. I might. Walk down there cause it’s only about 3/4 of a. Mile away, a mile away. But I probably would get a bus coming back so it would be more than the bus, you know, it’s less than the bus fare. So £2.00 reasonable, I reckon. It’s either that let’s put it this way, if you get free delivery, they have to get the charge of the drivers wages and the cost of the van and running costs somewhere. So they either give you free delivery and put it on the food. Or you keep the same price food and you get chance for delivery. And I’d rather have the same price food and get chance for delivering. It seems a bit of a cheat to say free delivery and all the. Prices have gone up by 5:00 or 10P. You know who you are. 9:00 o’clock now the boys are fed and malted. I’m going to do. A bit of washing up. Because I’ve been doing it bit by bit anyway. I’ve done the laundry. Finally. The new underwear is now clean and away. That dried overnight really quickly. New underwear is extremely good. I’m going to put a link to my underwear that I ordered. On Amazon, because it’s American boxer shorts and they feel so comfortable. Well, recommended. I’ll do a review. Yes. Don’t get too excited. It’s only underwear Givens. Anyway, I’m going to love you and leave you and then try and work out how I. Flipped the picture because this. To me, even though like that’s the table and that’s where the case.

Even though it is.

Right to me it’s wrong to you and I’m sure it means for you, not for me. So ohh, I don’t know, it looks odd. It feels odd. It is odd. Anyway. Thank you for watching.