hello start of day six um just come back from a mental health assessment with the social care team in bargaining and that seemed to go all right finally after four months someone seems to understand what i’m going through so he’s gonna he’s already given me food voucher for a food bank and i wouldn’t got that if i hadn’t had mary with me because i wouldn’t know about any of this although no tell a lie he did ask before mary mentioned about it that he was concerned about my lack of money because the benefits of that being stopped so he would have done that anyway um so things are moving forward finally someone actually believes what i’m saying

which is reassuring uh john crudus not doing your job properly john i’ve emailed a few people few mps now regarding my issue i’ve had quite a few emails back as well one this morning came back from adam afri i think you pronounced the name trying to remember from what i’ve seen and he advised due to parliamentary rules as everyone knows you can’t contact another mp to deal with what your mp supposed to be doing but not only was the response professional and timely he also wanted to know if i wanted to be passed on to you and i had to point out to him that you know thank you for your communication really appreciate that he’s actually noted the contents of my communication but all i’m after is a face to face with my own mp but he’s not doing it so eventually john i will be emailing all 650 mps including yourself and most of them seem to be more professional than yourself so you need to put finger out and actually do we paid for come right you and david the local government monitor officer come round you’re both invaded just don’t turn up unannounced you know i’ve got anxiety issues and you know personal security issues which the council is fully aware of now you are you worked before because i told you anyway so come round see how i’m living

that’s the first bit i’m expecting a call from good may’s hospital this afternoon they’ve told me they’re going to call back on a disclosed number a mobile number which they’ve given me the last couple of days too so with any luck and i’ll be updating the rest of this vlog later tonight and uploading it tonight speak to you later

hello again part two of day six should be fairly short tonight sure of having the odd rant or things like that um since the first part of this video i’ve had contact with good may’s hospital who have decided to back off and let the person who spoke to parking hospital um social services i think

to take over because finally someone seems to understand what i’m going through and they do seem genuinely concerned got a food voucher for a food bank so that’s what they look like he says um

what else is there oh yes got in touch with someone in john cruz’s office and i must admit okay i’m being told that john is taking this to the most highest level this issue but i still don’t know what he’s doing and i still had to get in touch with the office to find out i had to facebook margaret mullen again to find that i was being asked to contact the office contacted the office got through to a voicemail someone called back saying john he’s taking it the highest level you do know that he has no power over the local council i said yes i was pretty good at british politics up until about two years ago when all this kicked off um which is why i asked for an external investigation so things seem to be moving forward finally on the health-wise and on the dispute who knows maybe i’ll be ordering the biggest pizza in town fairly soon but it does seem to be having benefits on my health so maybe i did need to lose a bit of weight anyway because my resting heart rate has come down from about 62 to approximately 56 i think it is at the moment using the fitbit so it is gradually coming down and hopefully my blood pressure will be coming down which may mean that i might not need to go back on those tablets anyway because who wants to take blood pressure for the rest of your life um that’s about it really all i need to do is thank everyone that’s given me support over the last few days also i need to ask john crudus please please please be more proactive don’t leave people wondering especially when you know they’ve got anxiety or other issues be more proactive like some of your colleagues john um respond back to people saying what sort of action you’re taking if you are taking this to the highest level possible what are you taking to the highest level there are quite a few issues be a bit more specific especially if you’re just haven’t got time tell people who are working for you what they can tell me because you know something’s happening which i’m happy about but now i’m gonna go to sleep wondering what exactly is happening has he got the right end of the stick do you really understand what the issues are what are you taking up you know so it isn’t really helping not knowing what you’re doing so please explain a bit clearer but thank you finally get involved still doesn’t explain why you won’t see anyone face to face though john so you know democracy begins with a d dagnam begins with a d that’s the only connection between the two words so in my humble opinion as they say on the internet so thank everyone for your support so far i’m gonna cut it short because it’s been a long day i didn’t get much sleep last night and i’m gonna try and catch up on some sleep tonight if i can so thank you good night speak to you tomorrow

so so