Hello take 3. We’ll try and get it right this time. Shall we? Yes. My names Bill, Gibbon, Gibbons and this is another diary entry.

It’s been a couple of days or so since I’ve done the last one. I’ve just had my caseworker leave and bless him. He’s trying his best, but. He’s not getting very far either. He’s going to contact the waste management team again. To find out what the Hell’s going on because I never contacted them. There’s some weird stuff going on out there. I never contacted them and yet I just had a naughty boy e-mail from Waltham Forest Council saying, oh, we’re going to ignore you every time you contact us now. That is putting. People at risk. Again, you see like they have this all my clear, we don’t like talking to you. We’ll put a ban on you. I’m sorry. Under what policy are you going to put a block on me? Under what policy? They haven’t given me any information. It’s the unreasonable behaviour policy, but under the unreasonable behaviour policy. Let’s basically give me a a copy of the policy B. Reasons why and see authorization and how long it’s going to go on for and the right to appeal. Ah, they haven’t done any of that. Can’t be either. The policy then can it boys and girls. I’ve also done subject access requests to the chief executive. My mental health team. The waste management and environmental teams this morning to get the information that I needed last year, which no one will give me, so I’ll try it from the other side. Basically I’m wasting my life here. I would be better off than moved. I’ve made another appeal to Thurrock Council. Someone must be able to get my life back on track. I’m totally helpless here. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want. To be here anymore. The trouble linkers are overcrowded. It would be easier for the Council to move them. But they win. Because as I keep saying, I believe housing are racist. The non white residents on this block have more rights than the only white resident. To me, that’s racism. Someone needs to prove that he isn’t. But there we are. Such is life. We’ll see what happens with the place tomorrow. It’s going to be if they do move it forward, it’s going to be trouble because they’re going to need to find out the name and address of that person. But there we are. Who cares? I still haven’t got any food in. I still got. You know, I’m trying to cut down any amount of rubbish but not buying food because all food deliveries have to be delivered. Which creates more packaging and more waste. Like I said to Chris and to yes and Taylor come round and offer to remove rubbish. It’s nice of you to offer. But I need to know what I’m going to do going onwards. It needs to be planned. I can’t live like this. It needs to be on an ongoing basis. Either and I think I’ve worked out what Miley wants. He wants to go in the. Bathroom and sit on the window. Sorry, Merlin can’t do that at the moment. It’s a bit blowing out there today as well. Not sure what I’m gonna do. I’m on edge all day. Every little noise makes me anxious. I said to Chris I can’t live in a flat, can’t trust people in flats to do the right thing. So it has to be either a bungalow or. Ground floor would be good. Then I might have a bit of a garden for the cats to play. They would love going outside and playing. Especially murder. He used to like long grass. But I can’t let him. Out round here one he won’t go out. Because he don’t like the area. He’s got no reason to go out anyway he like. He wants to be safe and he can’t go out and be safe. Not unless it’s a secure garden. So we’ll see. I don’t know how I’m gonna do. Anyway, I won’t keep you. It’s been a long enough day as it is. Second one I did the thing again this morning. Windows Update second money. It wouldn’t work. It’s the S3 sleep setting needs to be disabled. And then the second one that comes. Back on strange. But at least I know what it is there. Anyway. Thank you boys and girls, I’m going to. Love you and leave you. I’ll speak to you again tomorrow, maybe.