hello again day five just after nine in the evening um unscripted today basically because so much is going on around in my head

um where should i start right all day apparently i was ignored by everyone again

but then i found out about an hour and a half ago maybe two hours there that apparently my mp has been taking action and he has contacted people and things are supposed to be getting done apart from the fact that no one told me i found out after finding margaret mullane he’s office manager john cruz’s office manager on facebook and contacting her directly initially she didn’t want to say anything on facebook but i wasn’t getting any information from anywhere but then i found out that john had contacted someone

didn’t know who but contacted someone about my case and i complained to margaret saying well surely they should have contacted me to let me know that something was happening not just assume things were going to happen because quite honestly i can’t assume anything in the past i’ve tried assuming that people weren’t ignoring me and they were so i can’t assume anything you have to especially when it’s on record i’ve got anxiety you need to tell people customers remember customer service good skills you need to tell people that you are going to take action and tell them either by an email or preferably on a disclosed phone number phone call that you are going to take action what action you’re going to take and what the outcome is expected to be what you hope it to be anyway um

no joy back there you know i’m getting hit in my head against the wall all the time then i’ll get a phone call from the mental health team tonight in good maine’s hospital nice people and patricia at the acute prevention team leaves me a voice message and doesn’t leave me a contact number so i have to try and find a number for good may’s hospital which happened to be one on the walls a friend of mine had a contact number one in the world i called one awards and they thankfully put me through to the right person however patricia goodmates high school

i did ask her in a matter of fact quite polite sort of way

and i’ve recorded the phone call when i told her i was recording phone call um

she i asked her in a matter-of-fact way is it normal practice to contact people with anxiety and not leave a phone number for them to call you back she refused to answer the question and then i asked how long had she been in the mental health team and she said i’ve been well after three minutes of ignoring the question and pausing for 10-15 seconds and then carrying on the script after three minutes she then advised she’d been in the mental health team for eight years so i said is this why is this the way you generally treat people with anxiety and she refused to answer the question so i repeated about four times i want to speak to a manager after four times she eventually put me through and i spoke to a rather nice woman over at good maze and i explained to her my two issues with patricia i.e she didn’t know her return number which is you know not good for someone with anxiety

and that she wouldn’t answer a simple question about how long she’d been in mental health but i spoke to i can’t remember her name sorry but i can’t remember her name and you know it was all fine i explained to her my situation and the fact that i was on hunger strike and it’s been five days and no one is listening i’ve exhausted all the roads she even suggested contacting citizen advice and i explained to her as well that because of legal aid restrictions citizen advice can’t get involved there’s very few things citizen advice can get involved in regarding anything legal which is unfortunate because they are cracking teams down that’s an advice marvelous adrian and pip they’re fine people i haven’t got a problem with any of the people with the sims advice maybe getting through to the phone but you know they’re busy people

anyway after that was all said and done i’ve had no end of

well let’s put it this way i’ve tried reaching out to my family again which has always been pointless in the past because they see me as abusive and rude and just a winger and no one i’m basically a spoiled brat which considering when i was a child i was abused by my dad abused by my sisters you know the only person that didn’t abuse me was his brother

didn’t have a mum remember she died when i was six which is part of the reason why i’ve been trying to get counselling because you know not cried once the fact it was covered up for a year and a half two years when i was a kid and didn’t know until well i say a year and a half for two years i think my dad eventually told me when was 10 that my mom had died and she hadn’t gone away she had died and it took me well it must be three four years to find out me brother and my two sisters knew and my youngest sister was only a year and a half older than me so

anyway so so far i’ve got a social care plan interview tomorrow which i really do hope they don’t ask stupid questions because if they start asking questions that the previous assessors have asked and ignored me then i don’t see the point of carrying the interview forward if i’ve given them all the same answers why do they want me to do it again it’s only the fact that i’ve had one friend coming around well for years basically because we were a couple for three and a half years or three and four years

and she’s known me for about five years now and it’s only her invention that has stopped things going totally bear shaped for me

i don’t know what to do now um

i’m in limbo it’s like everyone’s trying to push me on to the mental health team bless them i know sometimes some people are doing their best for me in the mental health team some people like i’ve said laugh at you and they don’t treat you with respect

but literally i’ve been abused by the council for years and i’m getting treated like i’m mad and yet if it was a four-year-old saying the council had abused me then i don’t think i would be treated like a head case so why is it because i’m 50 that people are trying to section me and put me into a mental ward and fog me off with the mental team yes i’ve got mental health issues counselling will do give me proper counseling i don’t need drugs to be able to cope with the abuse i need counselling to be able to cope with the mental illness it’s simple i’ve not had medical training i’ve lived with this for 50 years now

i don’t know i feel like i’m just rambling to the camera now i mean it’s pointless because people in charge aren’t watching these videos anyway so you know

i’ll end it there because otherwise i’ll just ramble on and ramble on but please someone sit up and take notice i know i’ve been mistreated i need people to admit what they’ve done it’s not a matter of i’ve gone over the edge i’ve had a breakdown let everyone run around and treat mr gibbons nicely again because they didn’t treat me nicely anyway because they wanted my place for 24 years they’ve wanted this place and there’s the irony because i’ve been trying to do a mutual exchange to get away from barking and dagenham council you know throwing away a hundred thousand pound because i could have a right to buy and i know people that would help me buy this place i have to discard a hundred thousand pound because of the neighbors dispute oh and there’s an ironic one luke from the council luke gilbert i think the name was contacted me today about complaint i’m putting about my new neighbors three or four days ago not the new neighbors next door two doors away who was being rather rude and aggressive and they basically parked a moving van on a public path not a road outside my place so they’re not dealing with my neighbors dispute from three and a half years ago they’re dealing with one from three days ago so why is it no action is being taken against the other person if they’re dealing with one surely they should be dealing with the other one lack of communication again boys and girls oh and i’ve put complaint in against luke as well because hey how many times do i have to correct an email from the council he sent me an email generally okay i didn’t check it for grammar or spelling you know because i was put off by the fact he sent an email that didn’t have a subject line on and like i’ve said to the council most systems most email systems are set up to reject any emails without a subject line on as potential spam or a security threat most systems most corporate systems because i’ve worked in it long enough are set up so you cannot send an email without a subject it will prompt you and it just won’t go anywhere for that very reason so you know he’s made contact once and has already complained about it so this is the level of customer services that i have to put up with barking and dagnam council someone tell me i’m wrong you know okay i’ve got you know thanks to my nephew alan who’s you know put a comment on one of these videos about billy knows best funny allen yes i do you know this is the level of support i’m getting from my family my sister just doesn’t want to know me nephew just treats me like an idiot or a whinger everyone else just wants nothing to do with me because they say they’ve tried to help me in the past and i just get abusive and throw it back well you start taking some of this and then you see how you are when your family abandons you

and no one from any place of work you’ve been at keeps in touch despite the fact i’ve tried to keep in touch with my family and i’ve tried to keep in touch with my colleagues or ex-colleagues they just don’t keep in touch everyone’s got their own little busy life and unfortunately if you’re single you haven’t got kids you haven’t got a family no one wants to know because i suppose they can’t run around and have dinner meals and you know dinner evenings and things like that they don’t invite one people they invite two people single people ignored overlooked don’t want to know so before ramon too much which i’ve done already anyway so sorry for that thank you for watching i’ll update you should there be an update tomorrow after i’ve been to my social care and spoken to good mates hospital so we’ll see maybe those sections maybe they won’t who knows

have a good night speak to you tomorrow thank you for watching