hello day four take three um i start off with a note to john kradis my mp and probably also for the attention of david the lgmo as i was advised by shelter when i contacted them um your assistant has informed me john that they’ve contacted barkingdagon council and i’ve told them that i’m not to be talked with as vex vexatious complainant because i have asperger’s well i can tell you now because considering i’m on starvation strike hunger strike and within a few weeks i could be dead i think things need to move a bit quicker than i normally do john i’ve tested this and i know they have ignored you i mean can you confirm one they’ve received it and two they’ve acknowledged they’re taking rexations um deals with me not just email them assuming they are you need to find out exactly what they’re treating me like john why

have they done this what are they doing what are they going to reverse that’s what you need to find out this is typical of yourself and the council i don’t complain to get things done i complain to stop things happening so contact the council today find out why they have ignored me or you find out exactly what they’ve done for me to keep saying they treat me vexatiously which they’re probably gonna ignore or they’re gonna lie to you and say oh no we’ve not dealt with mr gibbons any differently to we deal with anyone else [ __ ] i can prove it come around my house and i’ll prove it to you personally john and david come round you’re both invited it’s not like i’ve not offered for you to come around before john

all i get told is oh he’s not dealing with um face to face anymore because of threats that was made about a year and a half ago nonsense it doesn’t matter about threats mr crudus you are an mp you are paid to represent and meet your constituents face to face not holding surgeries is undemocratic i am fed up with people like you just getting away with things you’re paid to represent your people they’re not paying you not to see them or to send emails or letters no you are paid to represent your people face to face if you’re not always in surgeries come here i’m fed up with last time i went to one of your surgeries john you told me to go and get a copy of crash i think it was the dvd because it’s just like you and you laughed at me i told you years ago how i felt and how i was being treated and you told me to go and buy a dvd so the fact i’ve got no respect for you goes back a long way so find out from the council exactly what’s going on both of you john david pull your finger out mental health assessments well this is a good one um from my experience over the years people assessing you for mental health are trying to assess if you’re going to kill yourself within the next five minutes if you’re not they seem to think well he can talk he can clean he can get to the meeting

he’s fine there’s nothing wrong with him right so ben donner and nicola ferrari were wrong in their assessment six years ago the best psychiatrist and psychologists i’ve ever met and i’ve seen a few of them over the years

i mean one assessment a year and a half ago by the mental health team barking hospital and i took a witness two women just laughed at me they didn’t know what to do with me so the mental health team useless they do things and don’t don’t follow it up unless you’re a severe risk hey i’m not eating is that a severe risk depends it’s it’s going to confuse the living daylights out the mental health people because i’m doing these videos and because i’m not taking a knife to my wrist or doing something severe like that they see me as a low risk still even though i am losing weight now i am not eating and i’m going to carry on doing this and not taking medication for me depression and anxiety and high blood pressure i’m not doing it i’ve more fear of having an epileptic fit then die because the abuse must stop there needs to be an investigation i need to keep saying this before someone contacts me and treats me like a person rather than someone on the end of an email can’t send these videos out in person not without buying memory sticks for everyone and walking them around because i don’t get out of their house very much and that’s because i’m afraid of what will happen i can i can’t even go over the road anymore to go do any shopping one i’m not eating so i don’t need much two i just can’t get out the door i barely get out to keep the cat happy

anyway ignore me just carry on do do what you’ve been doing and make my situation a damn sight worse

shall i even i mean i’m going off track here but let’s talk about riots i knew this was going to be a long one um bachmann dagnam and to the support that john crudus supports them along with the lgo

have basically removed my rights um the right to question the council has been removed because if they’re filtering what they answer and how much information they give you scrutiny goes out the window when you can’t scrutinize the people that are in control the government the local authority doctors etc etc when you’ve got no power of scrutiny then it’s barbaric it really is you have no power unless you’ve got thousands to instruct a solicitor then you suddenly get your rights back but without taking legal recalls i have no rights i’ve got the right right of scrutiny’s been taken away the right to buy has also been removed and i’ve pointed this out in several emails to john and to the council no one cares no one reads that far down an email

the right to buy has been removed because of the boundary dispute that’s been going on for three and a half years

basically i could buy the place but i couldn’t sell it on again because there’d be a boundary dispute in place and no one in their right mind would buy it so that’s another right taken away the right to make any sort of comment has been removed

just had to let the cat sorry about that um yeah so the right to buy the right comment the right scrutinized all removed probably several human rights have been removed as well i can’t invite often i’ve not been able to invite people around to my place for a long time because of the lack of repairs i think the right to a family life doesn’t that come in there somewhere totally gone no respect whatsoever um loosely there should be a right decent customer service that’s not there i have told the council several times how to have good customer service and they ignore me private numbers on a public body remember yesterday’s video anyway i’m not gonna ramble on and on and on

i feel like i have but i’m not going to i’m going to end it there before it upsets me too much um good night and i’ll speak to you tomorrow thank you for watching