hello day seven um not it’s gonna be a really short tonight because no one’s going to touch me about anything today apart from confirmation of an appointment for friday for um

social care needs or something which is good um but yeah john crudus once again my mp still has not got in touch with me i’ve got nothing in writing nothing verbally apart from yesterday’s call i called them on to say that he’s taking any sort of action please john i could come around and teach you how to run an office and do customer service because apparently none of your people seem to know or you’re telling them not to do it and if you’re telling them not to get in touch with me i’d like to know why see all these things go through my head if no one

communicates with me poor communication is at least communication but no communication i make things up in my head and it does make me out so please john get in touch with me let me know what’s going on what action you’re taking on what just let me know so i can eat because it’s day seven now and you know this is when things start getting really grisly so apart from that nothing going on i’m not gonna have a rant not anymore anyway because no one’s really watching these videos anyway but the good people are you i thank you for watching these videos somewhere along the line support my campaign for rights for people with mental illness it’s all been taken away at least in daglam it seems to be taken away and i don’t know how many other areas of the uk people are getting their rights taken away by the local authorities ask question your mp i can’t beg you enough we have to change things democracy is a dirty word in this country you do what you’re told apparently no we pay their bills remember all the benefits all the expenses scandal from years ago we were paying that not them we were paying it so stand up for your rights stand up for your community stand up for yourself contact your mp do freedom information requests to your local authority to get the information see how many you get away with before they class you as vexatious seriously so on that point thank you good night i’ll update you again tomorrow