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7 Dec 2017

i suppose it helps i’m going to turn the [ __ ] camera on gibbons cheers everyone all those...

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24 Nov 2017

The second day of dispute. hello day two i thought i’d do some notes today  because...

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6 Dec 2017

hello 12 45 nearly on the 6th of december and i’ve just woken up and people still...

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26 Nov 2017

Another rant about the ignorant. hello again 25th november i’m recording this at  10 45...

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5 Dec 2017

hello again personal diary i’ve lost tracker’s day i think it’s the 4th of...

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23 Nov 2017

23rd november just after 9 30. hi um bill i’ve got asperger’s which i was diagnosed...

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3 Dec 2017

hello and welcome to episode one of my personal diary there were a few test diaries made a few...

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27 Nov 2017

hello again day five just after nine in the evening um unscripted today basically because so much...

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2 Dec 2017

hello a belated day nine and final video in this series i’ve come off the hunger strike i...

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28 Nov 2017

hello start of day six um just come back from a mental health assessment with the social care team...

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1 Dec 2017

hello day eight what am i reckoning um almost a stone lost in a week just a sign you can see that...

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29 Nov 2017

hello day seven um not it’s gonna be a really short tonight because no one’s going to...

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10 October 2020

hello 10 minute diary entry that’s the time and date i’ve made the format on that a...

The Elves & The Shoemaker

the elves and the shoemaker a shoemaker by no fault of his own had become so poor that at last he...

Religion & Deities

atheism is not belief in existence of god it’s precisely the opposite it’s the...

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