i suppose it helps i’m going to turn the [ __ ] camera on


cheers everyone all those that are set up and getting paid to sit on their ass and look after people like me the less fortunate the ill don’t believe a [ _ ] word i say and you can all take a running jump we should have let the [ _ ] nazis win

then i wouldn’t be here in the first place suffering

and barking and dagnam council don’t think i’m entitled to one to two bedroom flat piss off

the [ __ ] adult social care team don’t really give a toss i’m really like here’s the irony all the years i complained about the incompetence of barkington council now they’re trying to sort my benefits at really

well i don’t know what they’re doing or what progress is going on or whether they’re doing anything at all i could be poor by well totally

hungry by christmas at this rate a three-day food voucher to last all week piss off you ain’t got the brains that your ass has

and this is what’s caused my issues all the time i ask simple questions i ask simple things and the idiots at bark and dagon council can’t work out what i’m saying i’m sure that’s what the problem is oh we don’t know what mr gibbons is saying i will just give him any old answer and he’ll put up with it no i won’t

i mean how many more times do you need to be told i am going to start contacting the press until someone actually takes my story up do you get my problem boys dwp bargain tag them this is directed towards you

making someone live like this when i’ve been a good boy for 50 years despite the fact that bark and dagnan council don’t know what someone with asperger’s is like and puts me on a vexatious list steve in all his goodness contacted his own team to see if i’m on a vaccine socialist brain in here brain no that’s your elbow son think where would the vexatious list be you idiot and you sit in a meeting proudly saying oh mr gibbons no one’s got you on a vexatious list because i’ve checked with my department really think about it for a moment steve you fool yes and you’re the only one that’s sort of helping me really i mean mina said you will contact me yesterday did you oh and by the way why is mina sending emails all the time did i not specifically state that i don’t really like emails i perform face to face or telephones at the meeting on friday and she’s constantly emailing me thank you boys you don’t listen to a [ _ ] thing so you can take a running jump as well where’s my next point nicole barkin dagnam no point dwp don’t believe me what next i wonder if this is how people get criminal records they’ve got mental illness really think about it boys [ _ ] off


well two recordings in the same day i don’t know i’ll get an email from the council

about the downsizing make no mention of the exchange all they seem to be interested in is getting me into a bed sit somewhere which is what they want to do 24 years ago so i’ve replied back saying i will not be able to go to a council house because the council have made me ill there should be a bruise on my head because it’s just useless the amount of times i’ve said this to the council and to everyone else but the council particularly i’ve had no contact with social care team through well ignoring the emails since friday because the emails are useless


i’ve had nothing from anyone

two christmas cards from mary and merlin

but i don’t know i would actually be better off dead i don’t know what else to say

someone will look after him early

well till next time

just don’t say cheer up whatever you do because i’m liable to smack you


well there we are three in a day

i finally had an idea earlier after being ignored by everyone at the council

getting no feedback from the adult social care team looking like a chocolate teapot they are they only seem to care when you’re [ __ ] suicidal as soon as they start helping you then they deem you unfit of any sort of intervention i took direct action to david simmons the local government mantra officer he has known about this for 11 days now and done subtle so i put it to him under the act 1989 section 5 the one that gives him his job he needs to explain and investigate the in proprietary of barking and dactum council at least explain even if he doesn’t investigate it how can someone that has autism be treated unfairly like i’ve been oh you’ve been treated like that everyone else really really everyone gets treated this way do they what everyone just puts up with stupid answers to questions that are quite simple well then that’s their problem

everyone puts up with a miserable life

being forced to be abused all the time and i call it abuse i’ve been through abuse in my life and it feels the same

so david pull your finger out i need an answer you need to answer some severe questions that i’ve raised why has my rights been taken away why is my right to buy been taken away effectively why has my right to a decent housing been taken away why have i not had shape up every well 12 months ago i was promised shape up by some bloke that came around wasn’t allowed to record him and then six weeks later he tells john crudus oh no i went there in december and there was no problem with mr really come around here and have a look rusty bath a boiler that has to be put on full blast just to get two radiators working really 11 years i’ve put up with this sort of nonsense no more i’m not putting up with my no one gives a [ __ ]

what else am i supposed to do

i need someone to care

because i don’t so what harm can be done when you’re in this sort of mood what harm can be done

i need an investigation i’ve said it all along barkin and dagnan council are abusing mentally ill people i’m not the only one i’m not going to put up with it you are not going to beat me you are not going to put me in a bed set

if needs be i’ll appeal to ellen q and i’ll still fight you when i’m not part of your tenancy you are not going to get away with the way you treat people

three messages in one day really and there’s still plenty of time for a fault

i’m sick of you barking and dagnan council you’ve had it there’s no respect anymore i gave steve a chance i gave meaner a chance adult social care wouldn’t piss on you if you’re on fire communication zero i don’t know what’s going on with my benefits no one’s communicated

they know i’ve got anxiety depression asperger’s so what do they do they send a woman around at 8 30 in the evening without telling me to knock on me door to give me a food voucher you fools

you’ve got to explain that david why is everyone so stupid that i come across in barking dagman council mina mina khan investigator for a start isaac morrison the most ridiculous excuse for a housing officer i’ve ever come across i’ve had good housing offices in the past he’s not even a good customer service official breaching data protection act and no one does anything about it really traumatizing a tenant by putting my dad’s my dead dad’s name on a rent statement 24 years after he died really and no arm’s been done the corporate bloody complaints department says david simmons pull your finger out i need an investigation by you at least i will not stop until it’s investigated until these bad practices have come to an end i’ve had 24 years of this i can’t put up with it any more i will be harassing you tomorrow you better give me an answer there better be changes because this is not tolerable anymore