hello again

right um the week’s ended a bit better than it started well a lot better than it started finally got through to some nice people at the council today they do exist i was losing all hope customer services i spoken to a couple of really good sondra top customer services officer i’ve ever come across that’s what it takes nothing at the unusual helps the customer surprising but she found it so natural top awards for sandra i’ve already put comments in about her you know it’s not often i say you’ve done good work someone in the council but she really did um and that all came out of trying to find out how many people were in the democratic services department someone picked the phone that wouldn’t tell me what department i’ve got through to three times i asked for reader or whatever the name was i couldn’t really tell i think it was for reader that’s been investigated i’ve had a word with her manager and she did apologize so you know she was very good as well and emma as well amazon sanders not saunders sanders i think very helpful very apologetic i don’t expect apologies all the time but it is nice to hear it from the council

she is taking this issue about the exchange very seriously she’s going to do whatever she takes and irony of iron is her manager is young toby hargan brown who used to be my estate manager who should be i should be known to him we had a few runnings but nothing over the top and he did manage to get the parking sort down here so you know top banana um okay there was a low point meant power supply blew up i turned it off overnight don’t normally turn it off blew up on the media center so all my film the motherboard works fine i’ve tested it with another power supply motherboard and all the components work fine it’s just the power supply i’ve got to test it with isn’t an atx one doesn’t fit in the case and it doesn’t have enough connectors anyway so

need a blanking plate to fit that power supply need a molex desire connector

and also the fan on the motherboard is extremely noisy when it’s idling it’s on all the time i need a post width modulated fan because it’s a good motherboard it will do fan control

and that should sort out hey we we all live in hope

um apart from that you know had a bit of running with a woman on facebook because she’s accused my carer of

well theft basically and i did have to quote the law rather you know i do know what the law says about theft you have to have intent and she can’t prove intent so what she’s saying is libelous and i have wonder it is a liable

i think she’s blocked me or removed me from the site anyway so who cares i don’t need to hang around people like her and she’s got this fictitious caring animal rescues thing in romford but you look it up it’s not in yellow pages it’s only got a facebook page it’s got a twitter account not really um she’s been kept i’ve no doubt she’s been caring for animals but not an official capacity i’ve got a rescue center in romford it’s probably just her working from home and she calls it a rescue center because she takes in the old animal here and there don’t really care

but apart from that i have to keep telling myself it’s friday it is the weekend so

who knows what money brings there’s hope for us all and i’ve even got information back from steve and mina finally doing the customer services role i can’t stand not knowing i have said this to everyone if you’re doing something let me know you’re doing something otherwise i have to assume nothing’s happened so mina’s having a look about the esa and what information dwp need and she’s going to try and provide the information they need to reinstate the benefits otherwise christmas is going to be cold and hungry and it needs money to repay mccara she’s been driving me around all this time and i do need something for her if nothing else no enemy cat

so i don’t know i’ve had a pancake mix it was laughable a pancake mix from rock it they sent down to the guys in london because i had pancakes for easter oh pancake day or whatever it was and in wows they had pancakes and things go with pancakes so they sent down this box they ordered it on amazon and it got delivered to the london office in hammersmith it was laughable we haven’t got a cooker to cook pancakes on and they sent us i think four bottles of pancake mix and something else and we all talk about all there was only like three engineers so we all each took about one left one for um jose i don’t think he had it in here um but bizarre that is the attitude of that you know you haven’t got any cooking facilities but hey you can enjoy a show of choosing without a cooker i don’t know some people just don’t think but it did make us all laugh when we opened up the box it’s like well i’m gonna cook this hey her anyway not much of a rant today still don’t know what’s going on about the john cruz investigation not heard back from them i’ve not been able to get through to democratic services despite finding out there’s about eight people in the department i can’t get rid of david he goes through the voicemail and when you ask for democratic services on the avr automatic voice response don’t know why everyone keeps calling it an iv automatic voice response remember that when you ask for democratic services it just goes to john doe his voicemail and he’s been on voicemail all day so i’ve asked steven mina if they can get someone from democratic services to call me remembering to disclose their number which is four key strokes

emma sanders managed to do it she did it wrong initially i think because she did three numbers she put four numbers in disclose the number easy was an odd number called from have you thought about anyway no movies this weekend thanks to the box we’ll have to see what happens thank you for watching have a good one