hello well this is an ad hoc video um i haven’t done many in the ideas and believes category recently black lives matter

well the very term is racist in itself it escalates black lives above other lives

and it also is racist that it doesn’t support anyone other than black lives it doesn’t say chinese lives or asian lives it says black lives it’s a bit like the ownership of the n-word if it’s offensive

casper if it’s offensive to one group then it should not be used by that group either because they find it offensive they can’t own a word they can’t take back a word i find that there’s an awful lot of racism that is allowed to happen because it’s racism from black people and no one wants to say anything or do anything i tried reporting um racism against me recently and the police didn’t want to know

and i do feel that racism is racism it should work in all directions not just against black people black lives do not matter any more than white lives or chinese lives or asian lives all lives matter the fact there’s a segregation is only conspiring to enhance the racism

the fact that the bain community want to be treated differently is encouraging racism in itself they shouldn’t want to be treated differently they should want to be treated the same as others there should be no special treatment of anyone allowances should be made for disabilities and things like that they’re you know something that inhibits your growth or your access but your skin color doesn’t inhibit anything not unless you make it inhibit things it’s the way you treat your children is the way they treat their children

for instance there’s all this spain black lives matter blm hashtags going on this year

because kovid is apparently affecting the bain community more than others and no one’s actually saying the real world things you go out in the real world and most of the people not wearing masks are from the bain community most of the people not respecting social distance are from the bain community you go on to the trains you go on to the buses most of the people disrespecting the rules are the bain community so the fact that they’re getting affected more by kovid 19 than other groups he’s mainly down to their own disrespect of the rules i have overheard

black people and people in the bay community outside my flat saying they don’t think this kovid is anything serious they’re not going to respect the rules they’re not going to respect social distancing they’re not going to respect you know staying at home they don’t think it’s a problem and yet their attitude i believe the blame community are the ones that are spreading the virus the most because of their actions or inactions

so why we should segregate the bain community and say black lives do matter and treat them differently and special i do not know when did racism turn in favor of black people

racism should not be tolerated at all and yet it’s tolerated black on white the police don’t do anything they don’t even take it seriously

and just because people are in public positions that doesn’t mean they’re not racist and yet the police don’t care

i don’t know um

maybe i should um i don’t

um i don’t condone racism in any form and things like only black people can use the n-word no if you’re offended by it you shouldn’t be using it otherwise how do you prove you’re offended by it so i think that black people using the n-word should be arrested and charged with racism

it would only be fair they can’t turn around and make rules up just for their own sake

black lives do matter but then so do all lives i don’t like campaigns that segregate on skin color or race because that is condoning racism

all lives matter it would be a campaign i could get that all this black lives matter taking the kneel taking the knee no one should be forced into doing something just because everyone else is doing it that’s bullying

and booing people for not doing it and chastising people for not doing it

i’ve got cats moving around the background should not happen in a free society if you want to be part of a free society you accept all the responsibilities that come with being in a free city and in a free site you have the responsibility and the right to be offended you shouldn’t go out of your way to say offensive stuff but you shouldn’t be stopped from saying things that a minority of people will find offensive

i’m not sure i’m not saying that the majority should win all the time because the menorah eats in something

tongue tied i think more coffee the majority should not win all the time but the minority need to be protected but not on skin color

i think it’s time to get over it now boys 200 years after the abolition of slavery

it’s time to get over it

let’s face it if things had developed differently in africa was the style state that had expanded and improved and invented things and the europeans were the less prominent people the africans would have probably enslaved the europeans and done exactly what the europeans did to the africans and indeed what the africans did to themselves most of the slavery that happened in africa was inter-african there was a small percentage that got exported to the americas mainly south america but it’s only the north american ones that get remembered most of them went to argentina and brazil that’s why there’s an awful lot of portuguese speaking peoples down there

so people do things that

they think are okay at the time they shouldn’t be chastised for it two three four hundred years later for making money on the backs of slaves they made money legally if it was to do with slavery so be it it might be wrong now but it wasn’t then i’m not saying slavery is justified

but i am saying can’t go back in time and arrest people for things that they didn’t realize was wrong or at least was illegal everyone was smoking at one time if you you know go back to the early part of the 20th century nearly everyone was smoking and yet to see a smoker now

he’s unusual a proper tobacco smoker is unusual

and yet we don’t chastise our grandparents for smoking it’s not like well they should have known better so why do we do that with slavery

people do what they think is right at the time if they’re not breaking the law at the time then they’re doing things to earn money if it’s spying and selling humans which at the time africans were seen as a lower class of animal they weren’t seen as humans by a lot of europeans

i know that’s wrong now but there’s a lot of evidence such as there is

an intelligence

per genus like the chinese and asians are more intelligent than most people on the planet they’ve invented stuff thousands of years before we did in the west and i haven’t got a problem with that i’ve worked with i’ve had friends that are chinese or chinese origin

and they are some of the most intelligent people i’ve come across there are also some clever africa

it’s similar everywhere you can go to any population you will find clever people and they’re not clever people people that come up with ideas and people that do the ideas

but segregating i mean it’s like black lives matter campaign they’ve got a list of a hundred black persons in history and it’s a total fabricated list of key achievers that have been overlooked because of their skin color they have been overlooked there’s no evidence for a lot of the stuff that they say on this black lives matter list

i mean the nurse that was um mary seacow i remember seeing on the history debunker and i read up about mary seacole as well there’s differing stories about mary seco some say she was the original nurse that

florence nightingale took credit for some say she ran just a local bar or restaurant sort of a cafe style thing and would look after a few people there that was wounded but couldn’t get into the local hospital run by florence nightingale there’s no evidence just that she came up with any of these nursing things that we take for granted now and are attributed to florence nightingale admittedly i don’t think florence nightingale herself came up with everything

because it’s like edison he’s accredited with inventing hundreds of ideas and patents all over the place and yet very few of the ideas and patents that were under his name were actually created or invented directly by him he had a team of lab staff that he would direct and he would advise what he wants done and they would go and do it like the light bulb like the telephone like the gramophone you know all sorts of things

so this black lives matter campaign hopefully in 2021 will stop because people will realize that well by now they should realize that it’s not only black lives that matter all lives matter especially under the kovic days

and we shouldn’t have campaigns that segregate one people away from another based on skin color

hopefully 20 21 will see the bain community actually

not interrogated but examined for how they’re treating the kovid situation because in the real world if you go out in the real world you will see the blame community are the ones that are breaking the regulations the most i’m not saying non-bank community members don’t break the law or don’t break the rules but the ones that break the rules more often are in the bank community from what i have personally seen on buses and tubes not at the entrances to the tube stations if you go on the platforms you go on the trains

no one’s enforcing the regulations they’re not even making sure that they’re wearing a mask as they go through the turnstiles and yet most of them when they go through the turnstiles with a mask on they’ll take them off on the escalator if they can wear them at the turnstar then why can’t they wear them for the rest of the journey because most of them are arrogant and they have no respect for anyone outside of their own community

and this is what gives the bain community a reputation for being insolent arrogant and quite frankly stupid they can’t follow rules

that everyone else is following a lot of the time i think they actually want to not follow the rules because they want to stand out

and then they have problems with being segregated i’ll have it both ways by the community

if black lives matter then you should be wearing masks because otherwise you’re affecting black people as well if black lives don’t matter end the campaign go and break the rules and we’ll see if the police start arresting people next year when we start in 250 to 500 000 people dead

it’s a long way off from the two to three million the highest or two and a half million that i estimated 1.75 to 2.5 million i estimated about 12 months ago it’s all on my diary entries

um but it will be getting there by the end of this year it will be getting there if no action is taken despite this via this antivirus the vaccine that’s rolling out by the time they start rolling it out we’ve done 600 000 so far

i think the virus would have mutated to an extent that the vaccine won’t work on it because it’s very difficult to get an antiviral for a strain of virus because it mutates and changes so often that’s why we haven’t got an aids vaccine yet because the aids thankfully aids is acquired only on contact but can you imagine if we had a virus that was like aids but was airborne and would stay on surfaces for 72 hours maybe three weeks some people are saying if we had a strain of hiv that was as transmissible as kobit 19 would people have different agents

is it because most people see it as a bad flu it is a sort of fluish thing but it’s not a flu people it’s not a heavy cold it’s a respiratory infection it affects your lungs even if you survive your lungs are damaged in a lot of cases there’s a post covid19 syndrome where your lungs are damaged and you have breathing issues for life

so my plea to the bain community is stop being arrogant stop being disrespectful follow the rules that everyone else is following lead by example those leaders in the baby community lead by example a face mask covers the face not your chin not just your mouth your face your nose and mouth

it’s not a matter of well i don’t think it works it’s the law don’t stand out by breaking the law by breaking statues by disrespecting people’s possessions disrespecting property by breaking coveted restrictions by group gatherings in central london tonight will be interesting to see if anyone turns up in central london and also whether it’s mostly bane community that turn up in central london

anyway i think i’ve said enough for now um

hopefully people will start opening their eyes and seeing what’s happening around them especially people in the media because i’ve heard it on the radio and tv about well most people are respecting the law well it’s not most people you’re talking to the people you’re trying to talk to are the ones that aren’t respecting the law and probably aren’t watching the news broadcast in the first place because they don’t care they don’t really care about each other this all black lives matter it’s nonsense it’s just to make white people feel guilty it’s not anything to do with them fame community members

being respected because they don’t respect us they don’t respect the rest of the people outside the bane community and if there are a few people that do thank you very much but the majority of the ones that i’ve seen in my little part of the world don’t they have no respect for anyone outside of their own fame community if you’re not the same skin color or you’ve not got the same attitude towards law enforcement

i mean how many jamaicans do you know that don’t or have not smoked canvas

i’ve known quite a few jamaicans and i would say nearly all of them have why it’s an illegal substance not good for you so put the two together why are a lot of jamaicans can be smokers

and they don’t seem to have a problem with it and i don’t understand why anyway i’m going to love you and leave you i’ll look forward to the comments on this one if i don’t speak to you again soon what by tonight then have a good new year everyone and i’ll see you in 2021